Freezing COLD Monday

Freezing cold seems to be all we are getting these days.  Today they didn’t have a delay for school, which seemed unusual, since they had one every day last week and canceled it on Friday.  I am risking sounding like one of those old guys –WHEN I WAS A KID…  I remember building walls of snow across the street for the buses to have to drive through;  I remember the snow being deep enough to dig a tunnel in the yard; I remember being lifted over a 2-3 foot wall across our driveway left by the snowplow so I could walk to the bus stop, which was not three feet from our door.  I just can’t believe what they cancel school for.

So after a freezing cold week and a freezing weekend, we are still freezing.  I am thankful I don’t have to go out, and I don’t plan to go out if I can help it.

Saturday I ventured from the iced over, frozen depths to go to THE WATERFRONT  to have lunch, see a movie and knit with my compadres.  We were a bit discombobulated as far as the timing was concerned.  We had a delicious lunch at PF CHANGS, where we partook in some nomulous noms.  I had sesame chicken, and the others had honey chicken, lemon chicken and somesort of lo mein.  Along with chicken lettuce wraps.  Desserts were mini tiramisu, mini great wall of china.  At this  point we declared it too late to go to the movies and went our separate ways for a short while where Heather went to JoAnns, Sandie to Costco, I went to Natural Stitches and we never did find out where Betsy and Leslie went.  After our individual shopping excursions we met at BORDERS in Monroeville and also acquired a couple more of  us, Donna and Caroline.  We spent the late afternoon and evening knitting and socializing in the Border’s Cafe.  We also gained another knitter along the way (whose name I didn’t get) and I was the one who accosted everyone entering the cafe’ so we could take a look at their knitwear.   It was a very nice day.

At Natural Stitches I used the giftcard I received as a Christmas gift to purchase 5 balls of Kertzer Marble  Chunky in the shade MAJESTY

This is going to be made into the Weekend Jacket

I originally was looking for the color shown on the pattern but when I saw the Majesty color I had to buy it.   Steven (at the store) said “this screams purple” and I said “well I scream purple!”

I spent Sunday doing what I usually do on Sunday –church, lunch, grocery store, nap —

So here we are to the middle of January already.  Everytime I hear those commercials that say “life comes at you fast”  I think, boy they aren’t kidding.

I need to get back to my monday redding up of the house.  Nothing was done over the weekend so there is alot to do.  I will be seeing you soon!

Thanks for noticing!.


I didn’t keep up with blogging  last year at all.  I hope 2010 is a better year for me emotionally.  I am going to try to blog.  It is good therapy.

2009 is behind us now. What will 2010 bring?  I don’t make resolutions, basically because I don’t ever keep them.  I have the same ideas every year:  Lose weight, clean the house, knit more, read more.

Christmas was very nice.  It was also quiet.  Usually is.  Since I have a small family, there is only the three of us and the three of them (my dad, my brother and sister-in-law.  I would say that this was my favorite christmas of many many years.  I didn’t stress out and didn’t overdo it.

Hey maybe the Paxil is working!

Maybe I will knit socks tonite while the new year comes in.  I have a pair going with Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn.  I have been messing around with them awhile, tried a pattern here, tried another one, ending  up making plain “vanilla” socks.  I like plain vanilla socks.  Colorful, plain vanilla socks.

One of the things I got for Christmas (from my bro) is a gift certificate to Natural Stitches.  I have restrained myself from running down to the store to use it until Brian goes back to school next week.  He really hates going to the yarn shop with me.  The only thing worse I think is making him go to a purse department.  Naturally I have enough yarn to last beyond my life expectancy already.

Brian and I went to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunk movie the other day.  It was really cute.  I thought the first one was cute and this one was too. It has girl chipmunks and they are just darling.  I could have stood to rent it –it cost $30 for the two of us to go. $12.50 to get in and $14.75 for two popcorns and one drink.  I think from now on I will wait and BUY the stupid movie instead of spending that much.

I also rented the movie G-FORCE from the REDBOX.  Love the REDBOX.  $1 for a movie!  G-FORCE was ok–not as cute as I expected. I mean, how can a movie about special agent guinea pigs not be good?  LOL!  I mean, come on!  It’s guinea pigs!!

One thing I am really enjoying is reading CAPLIN ROUS’s blog–CAPYBARA MADNESS.   Caplin Rous is a Capybara.  (Rous means rodent of unusual size–if you aren’t a PRINCESS BRIDE aficionado ).  If I could get my own capybara I would be thrilled.  Of course, my husband thinks two dogs, a guinea pig and two hermit crabs are quite enough.

My betta, Rupert, died the day after Christmas.  He was a good fish, very pretty blue fins, and he will be missed.

Well, that is enough rambling for this last day of 2009.

I hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

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SNOW!!! Why did we get snow??? Is the universe trying to confuse me?? 

I have been laid up with my back the last 4 days.  It went out on Saturday morning and I have been either flat on my back, or hobbling, since.  It is more flexible today and less painful, but it’ll still need a day or two til it’s back to normal.  The next question I will get asked I will answer in advance –no I did not see a chiropractor.  The one I trust moved away (he’s in my Facebook friends–and the fact that he is sexy as …. has nothing to do with the reason I like him).. Anyway since he left I don’t trust any of the locals.

April will be a scouting month. There are scouting activities every single saturday this month.. plus monday nites.  

Easter is on it’s way.   I will make the traditional Easter/Christmas dinner. Our family eats the same thing ever year for eternity.  No one wants it to deviate from the ham, scalloped potatoes, coleslaw, sweet potatoes and green jello salad dinner.   Now that Brian is 1/2 grown we don’t do the easter egg hunt thing anymore.  We still color eggs though.

Poochie isn’t doing well.  Dave has to lift her to stand and she stays in the same spot all day while he is gone.  I hold her dish while she eats.  I called the vet and she is going friday,and at that time we will have to make THE DECISION.  I dread the thought of it.  She turned 9 on April 1st.  

I haven’t been knitting at all, just looking at knitting books and knitting magazines.  Just not motivated right now.

Well have a good day and thanks for noticing!


don’t know that anyone is even reading anymore due to the lack of posts.  Been sick again.  I am so tired of being sick. Hopefully now that spring is here I will get better and stay that way.  

Someone told me today that they came on to CHEESE CLUTTER to see what was going on.. CHEESE… LOL

What’s new here?  We are swamped with boy scout activities; the end of year school stuff will be gearing up before long; The hubby is on a new schedule, at a new place, so he is home two hours earlier than he was for the last 1-1/2 years; the easter holiday is upon us… I’ll be cooking the same thing we had for Christmas, boring yes, but it’s a tradition; I am not knitting a whole lot, jsut when I get together with the knitting peeps (Donna, Betsy, Heather and Leslie); I am finding lots of people from my past on Facebook; then there is RAVELRY. 

As it looks right now I may not be going to MSWF. My husband has a scout camping thing for leaders he is supposed to go to  for the weekend.  Why do things always fall on MY weekends??? So I said I’ll give up MSWP but go to RHINEBECK.  

I can’t believe it’s April. I need to do the taxes.  I should change the blog’s title to CHEZ PROCRASTINATION.  

I am going to see what to make for dinner now.  So have a good day and thanks for noticing!


OK, I got this from Charissa, who got this from Yarny old Kim who got it from someone else. I think it sounds like oodles of fun!

The first three people to comment will get something fibery from me!

The catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who do the same on your blog. The first 3 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did, win a fibery gift – yarn or roving. You might want to include info on whether you are a knitter or spinner.

Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it! Who’s in?

Good Intentions

Good Morning! How are you today?  I haven’t posted for a while, but that is just procrastination.  I have become a terrible procrastinator. Between Ravelry and Facebook, I keep myself computer busy. So here is a little update.

I am tired today,but I went to bed at 11 pm and didn’t sleep well and was up early, so it’s no wonder.

Hubbo took my van today because it is going to get inspected. The garage he has been taking it too is about a block from his brother’s house, so he drops it off in the morning and picks it up when he comes home. It’s always something with the vehicles.


I am so disgusted with The green trading cards today.That is an application on Facebook.  It is a “collection” game that has “albums” and “photo cards” that you collect and trade. Today,  everyone is  disgusted and is threatening to quit. The developer is blaming facebook, not himself, so who knows what is really going on.  They have it set up now that you can send some one ONE card and then it wipes their name off the list for the day.  So that’s it. How do they expect people to trade doing that?  I guess they want everyone to buy (with green trading bucks) them in the store or from the trade page, but no one will get any cards.  I mean you could possibly get 40 cards a day but they will be from different people.  My friend from Ravelry, BECCA, sent me about 15 cards  yesterday. Now I can send her ONE card back.  Anyway, who ever is responsible has just screwed this game/application up big time.  People are m.a.d. I am not m.a.d. But I am disgusted.   It is taking the fun out of it.

I do like Farm Town, but the one feature I don’t like is that you can only send one thing per person per day.

I’ve been blocking alot of applications lately because I am not interested in them. One of them I just blocked was DOGWORLD. I lost interest in that real quick.

People send you application after application and it gets to be a bit overwhelming.


Apparently Dave doesn’t like what I was knitting last night.  Actually I thought it was rather funny.  He never says much about anything but we were in the living room watching American Idol and he says “WHAT ARE YOU KNITTING?  (not like a question–more like OMG WHAT IS THAT?) IT LOOKS LIKE FUZZ HANGING OFF YOUR NEEDLES”. Then I let him feel it and he said “IT IS FUZZ”. So I guess he doesn’t like baby mohair.  LOL.  It’s a wrap that I saw at the festival.  Like a big scarf thingie.  It’s Be Sweet Baby mohair, and if you have been in KNIT ONE you have probably seen this wrap done in Pink.

I went to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival on Saturday. Sandie met me there. We had a nice time looking at the stuff. She bought a nice sweater kit and some buttons. I bought a pattern, some Be Sweet, some bunny angora fiber and 2 square crochet hooks.  Yvonne pointed something out that I didn’t even pay attention to–that most of the vendors were local. Funny, when I was there I didn’t even notice thatuntil she mentioned it to me.  There was some beautiful yarn, beautiful knits and darling babies around.  My original reason for going was to take a crochet class by Robyn Chachula, but I ended up only being able to go for a few hours because hubbo was working and Bman was at a friend’s house and had to go for 12 and had to be picked up at 5.  So I  had a nice time with Sandie, got to meet Robyn briefly (I just ran in to her) and helped the economy a little.  LOL.


I do love this show.  The opening episode was great.  We laughed so hard at the competition with the cheese wheels.  Who ever knew that cheese could be hysterically funny?  If you saw the show you know what I mean.  We’ll see how the people are as time goes on.  The ones I didn’t like right off the bat got eliminated. Yay! I didn’t want to listen to them argue.


It was an interesting first episode too. New tricks by the show right away. I didn’t like the girl who got voted off, Carolina, so I was happy to see her go. My son liked her for OBVIOUS reasons.  He said “Ooh la la” everytime her and her boobies came on the screen.  The “naked Mormon” was unbelievable. I don’t know what the motivation for that was, except attention.  Jeff looks like he was botoxed or something.  He has his hair dyed black like last season. Are he and that girl he met on the show still a couple?


I am loving Addison being back at Seattle Grace. I read that PRIVATE PRACTICE was cancelled, so maybe she will come back permanently.  I also have heard rumors that KATHRYN HEIGL and TR KNIGHT will be leaving at the end of the season.  Good riddance. They aren’t doing anything with George right now and Izzie has really become a pain in the butt.  KATHRYN HEIGL thinks she is a big movie star now.  Hey does anyone remember the show HELLO LARRY???  McClean Stevenson was on M*A*S*H and he thought he was this big movie star and they killed him off so he couldn’t come back.  He went on probably THE LOUSIEST show on tv.  BIG STAR, uh huh.


Unimpressed. I did like Danny, the last guy that sang last night (who is a Robert Downey JR look-a-like) but everyone else pretty much sucked canal water.

My sinuses have been killing me.  My sinus passages are so dry I wish I could put a hose up my nose and squirt them out.  Actually there is a little thing called a “neti pot” that you can use for sinuses and I know alot of people that use them, but I don’t have one.  I know people that swear by them. It’s like a little tea pot that pours salt water up your nose.

Friday night, father and son are going snow tubing up at Seven Springs with the boy scouts. They went last year and had a ball and a half.  They said it’s lots of fun, but all I can see is dead people with broken torsos laying at the bottom of the hill.  Dave says I need to relax and lighten up a little, but this is my baby I am talking about.  It just terrifies me.  Gee why not play frogger on the highway with real trucks??  SO they are going and I will be home. Too bad I never started drinking, it would be a good night to get drunk to forget my worries.

We got a little tiny dusting of snow over night but it is nearly melted off already.  they are calling today a “wintery mix”.. rain, sleet snow.  we shall see what we get. Right now it looks like rain.


Well tha