Well, it is a new season of American Idol Woo hoo!  There is something to watch on tv for a change.

It started out on a boring note — a long, drawn out, pitiful rejection of a pretty girl. I thought,  “oh no, a new format!”  But generally other than the toning down of Ryan Seacrest a bit, it’s all pretty typical to the other seasons.

What exactly is Paula on?  Why does she always act stoned on the air?  Why would she get a reality show on another network?

Simon was enjoyable, as always.  I get the biggest charge out of him and his ‘tude.  I loved him playing dumb when Randy was telling the voice coach he was crappy.  He even was sympathetic to a few people.  Hmm, what’s up with that??!

Randy was Randy–

Jewel was an ice princess… (can you spell b.*.*.*.*?)

Now you know that all 10,000 people that try  out at a place don’t get in front of the panel, don’t you?  They just pick the more “entertaining” ones to get on the air.  Out of 10,000, they picked 17 in Minne-CRAP-olis.

I liked several of the “gold ticket” holders: (and I know none of their names)

the ARMY Reserve girl

the  homeless chica from Columbia


the sweet 16 year old whose mom was proud of him (and put me in tears)

the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  dark curly haired girl with the great voice

Did you see how the Chica was hitting on Ryan?

Oh remember the other host dude from Season 1?  Where did he go? Have they discovered his body parts yet?

Let me know what you thought of the show.


4 responses to this post.

  1. When I was in college, I was on IUP’s Entertainment Network on the Hospitality Committee. Jewel played there and we had to take care of her dressing room, and let me tell you, she really IS an ice princess.

    Anyway, I don’t watch the show. No urge to. And Ryan Seacrest is icky.


  2. You NAILED it, girlfriend! I agree with everything you said. Paula not talking…Ice Princess Jewel. I didn’t care for the Chica girl…..she shoulda been booted! You’re GOOD!!!


  3. I usually don’t watch the actual competition, but the tryouts are funny. The kids were grounded to their rooms, but had their ears to the door and made comments about the bad singers.


  4. I love AMERICAN IDOL!!!.. Last night showing seattle..I was cracking up..and I do mean rolling on the floor.. they were all so freaky and horrible..there was only a few that I liked then the rest of them that made it through I just thought was blah ..
    Simon is my can you not like his tude’ I think Paula just likes the cute guys.. and Randy well who knows what he is thinking.


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