SATURDAY/American Idol/Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been kind of out of it the last few days. Back hurting,tired, feeling down…you know the drill. I had 12 hours of sleep last night, so I certainly should be rested enough!

It has finally gotten COLD here in Western Pennsylvania. It took until mid January to do it, but it is winter here. We only have a dusting of snow. Less than an inch. Alot of time it misses us and goes to the north. (sorry Yvonne)

I haven’t had a chance to review the second night of AMERICAN IDOL, so here goes. I can’t believe that the people who send the folks in for auditions in front of the panel of three (Randy, Paula and Simon), would purposely send a handcapped or ugly person in to be humiliated. Whoever was responsible for that travesty should be fired. Simon should make a public apology to the boy (I believe his name was Kevin)who had the bulging eyes. Simon told him he looked like a bush baby. At least they were fairly decent to the heavy-set boy who sang right after Kevin did. Now, I understand the entertainment value of the totally delusional people who come on the program thinking they can sing like Celine Dion or Mariah Carey, but this went a bit too far. The last guy was just a bit scary. Now what I do find fascinating, and also a bit sad, is the number of people who are just SO DESPERATEto get on television or be famous. I can say that the show really didn’t make me want to visit Seattle. As far as the people I liked from Seattle, hmm, let’s see:

the twin brother and sister were not only adorable, he really had a terrific voice

the 16 year old with the stunning voice whose dad was an NFL football player

I didn’t care for the 50 foot woman. Does she have Marfan’s syndrome?

the Third time’s a charm guy with the afro had a nice voice, hope he’s not to arrogant once he gets to Hollywood

and that’s all I can remember about it.

next week MEMPHIS….

Then who watches GREY’s ANATOMY????? I do love this program. This week was heart-breaking. I just sobbed while Mr. O’Malley was dying. (Yes, I know it is a television program). I loved Christina going to talk to George and tell him about her dad dying when she was 12 and that she was sorry he had to join the DEAD DAD’s club. Yes. That was very good acting from both T.R. Knight (George) and Sandra Oh. (Christina)I am glad that Izzie deposited the check, I was getting tired of that storyline. And I am tired of the mexican standoff between Burke and Christina.m…(now I have to look up why that is called a “mexican standoff”– why not a “swiss standoff?”) I hope they split them up –they are getting very tiring. I know Mark (Eric Dane) is eye-candy, but I did feel sorry for him this week. And did you LOVE Alex and Addy??? I did.
Did anyone notice that Meridith’s right eye looks to the side a little when she is staring straight ahead? Ellen Pompeo better get that checked.

Well that’s it for this cold day…we have to go to Target to buy a bd gift.

Hope to hear from you!!! Glad you found me Diana!! I am trying to get everyone put up on the sidebar a little at a time. I miss OUT OF THE BOX. You can still see the old wordpress one, but I haven’t been able to get into it.


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  1. I Luuuurve Grey’s Anatomy! And agree with everything you wrote about it!!! Hope you’re feeling better!


  2. Posted by anne marie in philly on January 20, 2007 at 4:51 pm

    DAMN cold in philly today – 34 degrees with a 30 mph wind. I didn’t go anywhere; this weather is NOT good for my asthma.

    did laundry and dishes. knit on a watch cap for spouse. threw away 99% of the contents of a box spouse found whilst cleaning out a closet (most of the boxes were his, but this one was mine). played with the cats. just a peaceful warm saturday at chez phillygirl.


  3. Cold….I’m freezing!!! I’m sitting here with a blanket typing on the computer!!!! Personally I take back anything I’ve said about wanting snow in the last few weeks……GIVE ME WARM AND SUN!!!!


  4. Posted by Amity on January 22, 2007 at 1:21 pm

    Hey Aunt Cheri! It’s been a while since I last stopped by. I love Grey’s and everything you said was absolutely right. I too wish they would stop the whole Burke and Christina saga…blah!

    And how about this weather? Winter finally decided to show up this year. Hopefully it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

    Love ya, take care and God Bless!


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