I can’t believe it’s February already.

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday. GROUNDHOG DAY!! Why is it my fave? No special cooking, no decorating, no nuthin’–unless you live in Punxatawney, PA!

The New MAGKNITS is up. There are a couple cute things: Peekaboo mittens and the socks are my faves.

Also the New Imbolc 2007 edition of The Anticraft is up as well. It’s NSFW, so watch out!

Let’s see, for moi — I’ve started a stupid pink hat four times. What’s the little chick’s name that goes to the three bear’s house??? I feel like that… too big, too small, aaah..just right. Goldilocks –that’s it!

IDOL for me was a bit of a disappointment last night, this week in general. I cried (of course) when the fellow sang for his lost love. It was awfully sweet of them to let him do it. No one excited me.

Tonite –GREY’s ANATOMY — YAY!!!

I can’t go to the PGH KNITTING FESTIVAL and I am an unhappy camper. Kid stuff comes first though….wouldn’t you know the wrestling TOURNAMENT would be the same day.

Well tell me what you are doing!! See ya!!!

edited to add: in other acts of stupidity.. that’s what I get for actually doing HOUSEWORK…I was actually washing the fingerprints off my living room wall and for some reason unbeknownst to me, my divided shelf with my PORCELAIN WOODMOUSE COLLECTION crashed to the floor — breaking every last one of them –I now have a collection of HEADLESS I am not a happy camper.


One response to this post.

  1. Oooh, cool spelling of February in your title.

    Ground Hog Day is my husband’s favorite holiday too.

    Happy GHD!



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