It’s just a tad chilly today. It’s -3ºF right now and the wind chill is -20ºF. Man you think we lived in Canada or something. Alot of the schools cancelled today but ours didn’t so I drove the B-man and his buddy to school. I had to go out to the bank anyway, so I just did it all in one trip. The old bones are aching in the cold……

Nothing terribly exciting going on here except the cold weather. I am barely staying above water with the stuff that needs done. I have projects to finish (which is a difficult task for me–my mother always attributed that to the fact I am a Gemini) and other stuff that needs done.

It seems this is becoming a tv blog rather than a knitting one. I’ve considered giving up knitting.. I am just not enjoying it like I used to do. I’ve been doing much more crocheting.
Survivor starts this week (thurs nite) and Amazing Race starts on Feb. 18th.

Well I obviously have nothing to talk about, so I think I will go….take care and comment so I know you’ve been around!


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  1. Posted by anne marie in philly on February 5, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    cold here too in philly, girlfriend!

    2pm current temp is 18 degrees; I don’t even want to THINK about the wind chill factor!

    hang in there!


  2. It’s cold here too, too cold for my butt! What ya been crocheting?

    I can’t wait for Survivor to start either. I tape it and then watch it at 9:00 PM (that way, I can pause it so when my daughter starts yakking during the show I don’t miss anything).


  3. I wouldn’t worry about this becoming a tv and crocheting blog. Heck, it’s your blog, you do whatever you want! Don’t give up knitting though, but maybe you need a break from it, and inspiration of some sort for a really great project. Heck, if it weren’t for knitting, we wouldn’t be friends! 😉 Make this whatever you want it to be…and just keep writing!


  4. teehee just remember who to call if ya decide knitting just ain’t for you. I’m sure I know someone who would buy your yarn stash! teehee


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