It’s a 9ºF Heatwave!!

Whoo- wee, it is actually BALMY today!!! The sun is shining brighter than bright. Did you ever notice that puts people in a better humor?

Two-hour delay for school today (after cancelling yesterday). My child has a fever, so he is home.

I have been doing some house stuff. Kitchen floor, clearing off the counter, the table, etc. I would have rather been at lunch with Betsy, but gotta be home.

Knitting tonite though. It will be nice to get out and into a BOOKSTORE.

I’ve read a couple books this week. You can click on my BOOKS page to see what they are.
I am deciding which of my upteen books will be next.

AMERICAN IDOLwas ok, nothing exciting. Paula was more interactive. I think it was the first time they actually called someone BACK to do another try. Shows how much influence SIMON really has. I am surprised at just how many of these folks will just tell the panel to “Kiss My A**”.

I’m working on a lovely cashmerino scarf for someone, who shall remain nameless, but her name is spelled N-A-O-M-I. You do three strips, of three different colors, in three different patterns, and braid them. LOVE LOVE the yarn and colors. I started two other scarves for her and didn’t care for them. One was a multi-directional with Noro Kureyon color 139, and the other was another pattern from the book HOOKED SCARVES. I wasn’t happy with either one of them. When Sandie and I were up at Knit-Wits I saw this scarf and loved the cashmerino, so here I go. I am almost 1/2 done. I plan to work on it tonite at Knit Nite.

I mailed my last SP9 package on Saturday. It cost $28 to mail since it went overseas. I thhink that is alot, but then when you think about it, if I gave you $28 would you take a package to Southeast Asia for me??? I have had some really good SP’s while participating in the SP exchanges (I did SP 6, 7 8 and 9) Made a few terrific friends from it. SP 10 is already starting, they are doing questionnairres for it already. I am not going to do anymore SP’s though.

Sockapalooza is on hold until Alison has her baby. I haven’t decided whether or not I will sign up for it. I am a SUPER SLOW sock knitter, unlike some of the sock demons we all know….

Well, I am going to go for today. Hope you are all safe and warm. Let me know you were here!!!


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  1. Posted by Secret Pal on February 7, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    Just bought something else for your last package!!!!!


  2. That scarf you are making Naomi sounds wonderful!

    Yup, $28 is a lot for shipping. I try to avoid overseas shipping, but sometimes I know you can’t.


  3. The big new controversy about Idol? The woman that they called back has been disqualified because of her criminal record. Yeah, go figure. I liked her voice, but the facial expressions WERE a little much.


  4. Posted by anne marie in philly on February 8, 2007 at 9:01 am

    yes, I’ve been here!

    $28 is actually inexpensive compared to the shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, etc.). I do all the shipping at my job and you wouldn’t believe the costs to go ’round the world with our products…

    it’s always sunny in philadelphia…at least today it is. when I got up at 6a it was 15 degrees; better than the 8 degrees it has been the past couple of days.

    last night was my SnB group meeting; we had a kick-ass time!

    must go to work now (dammit)!


  5. I don’t know that I’m going to sign up for Sockapalooza either, just because it could interfere with my selfish knitting plans. Haha.

    So you’re not going to the knitting festival this weekend? Oh well, maybe next year. 😦


  6. Which bookstore???


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