Boy, time is flying by. I have had a sick kid all week and dr’s appts today –It’s after 2 pm already and the day is shot.


Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday. Only 39 years old. You know, I felt sorry for her. Her life made her into a cartoon character. Whether she did it herself (the cartoon character, not the death) or not, it was sad. Here is someone who really made all the wrong choices in life –fighting to be accepted, and never really fitting in- I think no matter what they determine was the cause of death, she really died of a broken heart. I hope whoever ends up with that baby raises her right –but I don’t have alot of hope.


I AM going to the Pittsburgh Knitting and Crochet Festival TOMORROW! Woo hoo!!! We had a ball last year, I know it will be the same this year. I am making a little list of things I might want to look for. It will be a good time with my peeps.

We (the peeps and I) are making plans for Maryland Sheep and Wool (which is the first weekend in May for those that don’t know)(their website isn’t up yet).We had an exhilirating, terrific, exhausting and EXPENSIVE trip last year, and we’ve been planning to go back since the day we left.


The van was to be done today, but isn’t. They ran into more extensive stuff, so I will not have it until NEXT Friday. See, they should have totalled it. So in the meantime, I have the PT Cruiser, which I am loving. Boy is it ever a chick car.


The new season of SURVIVOR began last night. They are stirring things up a bit with a new format. We shall see how this pans out over the 39 days. I have no standouts that I particularly like so far, but I DID NOT like James (who for some ungodly reason goes by the nickname, DREAMZ). They handed the plans for the shelter to the architect, and then complain that she came out as a leader. HELLO! You appointed her!!


I understand this is a three part series of episodes. Parts of it went rather slow.

Christina, as usual is acting like an ass over the engagement. Burke is so happy about it. Wait till his momma finds out! Did you see the movie MONSTER-In-LAW?? It would be a fun thing if they did a parody of that with Burke and Izzie and his mother.

I sure wouldn’t like having Izzie for a doctor, she seemed so hesitant when she was working on the guy under the car. I know she is still upset over accidentally killing Denny –but if she is going to be a doctor, she better start doctoring. I thought she was going to have to use a saw to cut his leg off or something. What? His ten buddies couldn’t move it??? What was going on there?? My grandfather could lift a Chevy Nova off the ground with one hand.

That little girl with Merideth was awfully sweet. Funny how she knew to go to Darek, and could find him in that crowd of people. Maybe Darek and Meredith will adopt her. Then Mer could fall in love with her pediatrician and Darek and the Pediatrician can compete in dating for her. Oh, they already did that story with the DOG, who they KILLED OFF!!!! How many times is Darek going to have to reassure Merideth that he is there to stay?? Of course now she is sinking to the bottom of the bay or whatever the body of water is there. (sorry I know nothing about Seattle except that it rains alot and has a couple really great yarn shops) Funny it’s not the end of the season…like “Who shot J.R.?” on Dallas…. Are they going to do a “life passing before her eyes” thing, where she realizes about everything. I couldn’t believe she said “I don’t want to get married” when Darek asked her if she wanted to get married. I mean, she told him to go back and live in his trailer.

Did you love the Chief and his hair? I almost died laughing when Sloane said to him “you need highlights!”. Did it look like the Chief was checking out Addy in the elevator, or was it just me??? Who do you think they’ll have him hook up with?

Of course, Addy was checking out Karev. How he was with the crushed pregnant woman was so nice. His character has really evolved from the first season. That’s how my OB was with me when I was dying in the middle of my labor. Addy kind of gave him the look that she didn’t want to tell him that the baby wasn’t going to make it.

And I just can’t stand that other Resident, the chick with the whiney voice. Boy she gets on my last nerve. Of course, that is just what she is supposed to do. Guess that makes her a good actor huh??

What else is going on here at CHEZ CLUTTER? That’s about it. Let me know you all were here!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. See you tomorrow at the knitting festival!


  2. Posted by anne marie in philly on February 10, 2007 at 9:16 am

    I was here!

    you lucky dog you, going to a knitting festival! wish I lived closer to PGH.

    please blog and gush about the festival so that I can make believe that I was there.

    currently 26 degrees and brilliant sunshine, but it’s always sunny in philly (NOT!).


  3. Posted by Amity on February 10, 2007 at 11:48 pm

    Every Friday I go into work and a co-worker and I update on the previous nights episode of Grey’s…we love it that much!

    I agree with you on everything you wrote about, aunt Cheri, especially with the Izzie situation. I was sitting there thinking the same thing…why aren’t those big strong men helping by picking up the car? And why did it seem like she was hesitating so much?

    I still am not understanding the whole Christina/Burke story. One minute she’s elated that they’re engaged and the next minute she doesn’t seem to sure of the whole idea? If she really loves him her best friend would’ve known long before the ferry accident.

    I think I understand a little where they’re going with the bubbly resident. She seems to finally be grasping the concept that in the medical business there are certain situations where even a doctor can’t hide behind their feelings of hopelessness. I think I can safely say that if there is still a position for chief…she won’t be getting it.

    Thanks for the updates!
    Until next week…


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