They shoulda totalled it.

My van’s been in the shop for 23 days. I swear it is going to be like new when it comes back. The damage was more extensive than they thought. I drove a nice silver PT CRUISER for 2 weeks and am now driving a nice silver COBALT. Soon I will be driving a nice “newish” cranberry DODGE GRAND CARAVAN– Leon (the collision center guy) keeps telling me “hopefully by the end of the week”. How am I supposed to go pick up a 3/4th’s size string bass in a COBALT??? It’s not like I can strap the dang thing to the roof!!!

I’ve been knitting like crazy on Kirstin’s scarf so she might get to wear it before the winter is over. That’s all I took to knitting last night. How long should a scarf for a kindergarten (is it “kindergarten”or “kindergarden?” — I never know) girl be? Hmm…

Today I went to show two of my friends how to knit socks on dpns. One caught on, the other now wants to crochet socks.

Have you seen the ad for the tv show “Are you smarter than a fifth grader??”
I used to be. Not so sure now.

Let me know you have been here!!! Woo hoo!!! 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. My dad teaches fifth grade and sometimes I like to look at his blank tests to see what I remember. I can do the math (mostly) but I can’t remember the history information.


  2. My friend got a new Suburu Tribecca last year and we were going to take it to the beach. Her husband actually wrote down a long list of rules I had to follow while driving the car. (my friend won’t drive in unfamiliar territory) I told him (whack job that he is) what he could do with his rules and we rented a Cobalt to take on vacation. Small.. but very easy to squeeze into tight spaces! I had fun driving it.


  3. The first thing my son said when he saw the ad for that new show is…”my mom should be on that one!” I think I was just insulted!


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