Now look at that. The sky is so pretty today. The sun is shining and the clouds are rolling past like they are on a conveyor. People are usually in a better humor when the sun is out. Of course the weather report is calling for snow tonite, so the joy will be short lived. Our big snow from a week ago is all melted off, except for the hard, ugly lumps that the snow plows shoved to the edges of the parking lots. Our yard always looks so nice when it snows, until the dogs get out there and track it all up and make deposits everywhere.

I am lunching with Betsy today after I go to PT. I have had alot of pain this week, but at least my foot is coming back and the numbness in it is almost gone.

Ah, the internet, shopping without ever leaving your home. LOL! Yesterday I received two books in the mail.




Both seem to have some cute things in them. The second one really has several nice sweaters, but I would have to do some math (yuck), as they only have bust sizes up to about 40″. Since I belong to the hooterous-maximus club, it would be alot of work, that I am generally too lazy to do.

Yesterday, I went out with Liz (a.k.a. Lizard).
We talk on the phone alot, but don’t get to spend alot of time together, since she has THREE KIDS FIVE AND UNDER and works night turn and is too tired to think most of the time. So yesterday she was my chauffeur. We went to Burlington to look at purses (I bought, she didn’t), we went to Olive Garden for lunch (where I thought she was going to engage the waitress in a little smackdown), and to TOYS R’US to buy a present for the birthday party my kid was attending last night. (bowling–it was bowling– on a school nite). This morning, I was informed that Jethro got his treat bag from the party. Oh well, that’s the breaks kid. You’ve been told at least 9,000 times that you have to put stuff so the dog doesn’t get it. (You should have seen the day Poochie ate his peanut butter sandwich!!! ROFLMAO!)

AMERICAN IDOL I am liking SUNDANCE, CHRIS SLIGH and LAKISHA. I cannot believe that people kept Sunjaya over AJ. Yes, Sunjaya is adorable. I said that I would adopt him, he is such a cutie. But, as far as talent goes — the others are in a different league. I feel the same way about the girl with the alleged porn pictures. I can’t even remember her name, but she really has no talent other than looking pretty and even there she is average in the looks department. I am glad the strawberry blonde got booted and Alaina (she and Ryan look cute together). They were all bawling their heads off. My favorite line of the week? “And, by the way, it’s my mum’s birthday – in November,” Simon snips. “Happy Birthday Mum – in six months time,” he continues. “And, I love puppies,” he adds. “I love puppies!”

I love puppies too — THE DAILY PUPPY

See ya! Let me know you were here!


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