It looks like we’ve reverted to the Lion business for the weather now for this first full week of March.

Kind of an uneventful weekend.

I went to a craft show on Saturday at a local church; I’ve gone to it just about every year with my mother. I skipped it last year because of mixed feelings, going without mom, the whole thing. It was very nice. Small.  There were a few new people there with craft items that hadn’t been there before and a few of the regulars weren’t there. The baked goods were all gone by the time I got there at 11:00 a.m.; the show opened at 10:00 am.  I usually would buy pies.  I did buy some wire jewelry angels from one lady who was really selling them inexpensively and bought a couple cute sheep from another lady.  I think I insulted the one lady with her big -table- full -of -chocolate -covered -everything -you -can- imagine- in- the -food- category, when I told her she must be “Satan” — the lady with her GASPED!  Hmm..I thought I was being humorous.

I then went to the library for a little perusal of the book stacks and came home with a bag full of stuff to read — (like I have no books here to be read)

When I got home I threw a couple sweaters I got at the Salvation Army into the washer to see how they’d felt and proceeded to clog up the laundry sink, which my husband had to take apart and clean out.  They felted nicely by the way.  They will be coming soon in the form of purses (I think.)I saw someone made a “fake Booga bag” with an old felted sweater –gave me some ideas.

Sunday morning I renewed my membership in the “I AM A KLUTZ” club by slipping and falling on the stairs coming from the upstairs.  I swung on the handrail like I was swinging over a ravine, hanging on for dear life.  I stretched everything really well; I can tell you I am a bit sore. So here I am, going to PT three times a week trying to recover  from the accident and I make like an orangutan and practically kill myself on the steps.

I’ve been very disappointed  in the traffic I am getting on  this blog.  I did really well on my old one, but am not getting so much on this one, and few comments.

There has been no knitting or crocheting in about a week.

Well, guess on that I will depart and go and make myself some breakfast. My morning has to start somewhere!!

Have a good one!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Those uber-religious people take everything so darn seriously-it was funny!

    I saw that felting thing in my dd Highlight’s magazine, they did mittens that way and then cut them out, seamed em up-I want to know how it all went.

    This weather sucks eggs-seriously sucks eggs.

    Hope you feel better today, hot bath is in order.


  2. Posted by Calvin on March 5, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    That’s funny about the lady with all the chocolate. We’re going to have to nickname you “Grace” if you don’t start being more careful. Feel better soon.


  3. I’m still here! I think it’s just that there’s a lot of people on Blogger, and not everyone remembered to check for the change. But I did! Just give it time. It’ll take a while to get back some of your old readers and gain some new ones.

    I am still hoping that 2 months from today we and a bunch of your other cohorts in crime will be meeting up for the MD Sheep Festival! Woot!


  4. Posted by michelle on March 5, 2007 at 11:13 pm

    Hi Cheryl. I think the reason you’re not getting much traffic is because people can’t find you. I was looking at a new blog for you, the first wordpress one you set up, for a month or so. There were no updates and I figured you gave up blogging. Then I was over at Squitchinglady. She linked to your blog and I re-found you. Just thought I’d let you know.


  5. I’m still here!


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