A few people have mentioned to me that I am not getting the traffic here because no one knows where I am. Well, I can’t go back and change the info…those are cancelled and I can’t get back in… as the expression goes “poop”. So if you know someone who used to visit, let them know where I am!

What else is new here? We are to get some snow tonite, whoopee pies! Can you tell I am being sarcastic? lol! All the stuff from the big snow and ice storm a couple weeks ago is gone.

I went up to Knit-Wits today to get a pair of 1.5 dpns; they got a whole bunch of new yarn in. There were boxes everywhere full of yarn waiting to be put up on the shelves!

I also stopped at the new scrapbook store (yes, I do that, too) that opened up in the same plaza as Sam’s club. Nice store. It’s called THE CROP SHOP

I have to go for an MRI on my spine. I called to get it scheduled and they are going to call me back. (How many years of our lives do we spend waiting? I just heard that the other day??)

I think I mentioned that I finished Kirstin’s scarf. It’s pink! She’s a “girly” kind of girl So now I can finish Naomi’s and go on to something new like a pair of socks with my new Socks that Rock “Monsoon”, or my Claudia’s Handpainted that is already wound into yarn cupcakes.

I looked at some new knitting books while I was out today. One that was really nice was FITTED KNITS by Stephanie Japel (Glampyre Knits). Very, very nice. Not a thing in the book for bigger bust lines (I am talking over 40″), but super designs. The models look good in them too! Of course they are all tall and have GORGEOUS curly and/or flowing red or dark hair. They remind me of Stephanie (Glampyre) actually.

I was actually looking to see if they had the new MORE SENSATIONAL KNITTED SOCKS, but alas, it does not come out until March 26th.

AMERICAN IDOL is on tonite. I am not LOVING anyone yet. I have some strong DISLIKES though. Antonella Barba — maybe the sex tape will keep her on the show because she is cute, whereas Frenchie got booted for her internet porn (which was mild compared to Antonella’s) I bet her momma is proud of the exposure. If you want to see the “alleged” porn of Antonella –go to NSFW- Not Safe for Workfor an eye full of not only Antonella, but of “Harry Potter”.

Did you see AMAZING RACE on Sunday night? David and Mary got eliminated. I liked them. Wonder if Rosie gave them presents this time??? Now tell me, if you are afraid of water or afraid of fish, why would you get into a tank full of flounder??? Wouldn’t you think the person who is not afraid of water and/or fish would do it?

I guess I oughta go, kidstuff will be home momentarily. Have a good one and let me know you were here!!! 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. I guess you got your STR Club kit, then!


  2. I was here! 😛
    Oh, and I forgot to mentioned the other day that I liked the bit where you called the woman Satan. That cracked me up. At least *I* got it! 🙂


  3. Cheryl, wanna go yarn shopping on Sunday or Monday with me? I haven’t been anywhere local in forever. And I miss you!


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