Let’s hear what I think about the tv shows I watch:


I am tired of repeats. I know it’s only been two weeks since Meredith almost drowned and all, but I want some new episodes!!! Wonder how much time will have gone by when the next NEW episode is on. I understand that NEXT week is a new episode.

Have you heard that Kate Walsh (Addison) is getting her own show? They are spinning her off into a show about her and her neonatal specialty. Tim Daly and Ty Diggs are also scheduled to be on it. The pilot will be the last show of the GREY’s season, THREE HOURS. If ABC picks it up (and why wouldn’t they?), she will be leaving the show. I don’t know if it takes place in Seattle or not. Shonda did report that no one else that is currently on Grey’s will be on the new, unnamed, program. So to me that is saying the Mark storyline is a no go as well as the Alex storyline. I’ll watch it. I really like Addison. It is so funny that when she came on the program, everyone hated her; (That’s the sign of a good writing staff!) and now everyone likes her.


From reading the forums, I know that I am not the only one that was really disgusted last night. Did you see the look on the judges faces?? The only thing that went right was that Antonella got booted.

We were Sundance Head fans in this house, so we were half-sick when Sundance got booted. I didn’t care for Sabrina, but she was an excellent singer. I just thought since she was a professional singer as a career anyway, she really didn’t need this as a springboard. Jared was so stuck on himself, I was hoping he was going to get booted. I never thought they would keep Haley, Brandon, or Phil. I can’t imagine that Sanjaya is still there. He actually looked sick when they picked him over Sundance. He knows he shouldn’t have been put through. He is a cute boy, but he is not American Idol material. I understand that the “teeny boppers” came out in full force for calling in — don’t they realize the show is going to be RUINED by this? If AMERICAN IDOL continues the way it is going it will lose ratings.

I hope someone comes forward to make a deal for Sundance.


Am I the only one who is HATING SURVIVOR this year? I can’t stand the entire MOTO team. I don’t like the luxury/destitute idea and all the food awards. I think my fascination for SURVIVOR is gone.


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  1. YES, I was thinking about not watching it for a while, but according to the previews, they change it up in a few weeks. I can’t stand Moto, I think they’re all a bunch of assholes and I can’t wait until they’re knocked down a few pegs. I loved it when Alex was trying to convince the mail alliance that they shouldn’t be alienating Cassandra and Dreamz and they were all “but we’ll still have the majority at the merge!” 5 to 5 is not a majority, you dumbshits! I think that they’re the only Survivors to actually GAIN weight!

    On Ravu, I like Earl and Yau Man, and I sort of like Anthony, but the rest of them? Eh.


  2. I didn’t read the Survivor update because I haven’t watched it yet. I am always kinda bored the first 8 or so episodes of it anyway.

    American Idol-I am a Sundance fan, although he’s really only been mediocre the past few weeks with the exception of last week. I was surprised by Sabrina. Sunjaya-don’t get me started. He did okay this week, but generally doesn’t deserve to be there (and I read online last week he was the #2 vote getter!). The bald guy creeps me out beyond belief. My pick is Melinda-


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