The ladies on American Idol are, by far, outsinging the boys!

Melinda gave me goosebumps, but she needs to stop being so amazed that she was good.

Lakisha is just good period, but I didn’t particularly care for the song. That dress, holy crap! I was thinking if she moved wrong, it would be like a tire blowing out and Ryan would be killed by those breasts of hers. She’s rockin’ some serious boobage.

Jordan is absolutely adorable. She is just the cutest girl, and boy can you tell she is 17!  She moved really great getting up from a sitting position in that short skirt!  That could have been a Britney moment!!!

Simon was a hoot last night; I thought it was hysterical that he kept cracking up!! is saying Sanjaya is in the top 3 tonite.. Sorry, they need to change the phones so each person can only get one call from each number.  Or at least limit it to three.  He is a cute boy, but, what’s with him and his sister??

It was great to get out to lunch today with Betsy and Donna.  We always have a nice time together.  I am sorry Donna isn’t gonna make it to our knitting get together on Saturday.


New episode tonite!  Have you gone to the ABC Grey’s site and watched the preview!! HYSTERICAL!!!


I didn’t comment about Amazing Race on sunday, did I?  I am not sure anyway. ROB and AMBER got voted off.  I am sure Uchenna and Joyce are happy about that.  I was hoping Charla and her cousin would go. Just don’t like them —


Now how stupid could that guy (surgeon general of the armed forces?) have been to say he thinks being gay is immoral and they don’t  belong in the armed forces.  What’s important is how they are performing their jobs.  Immorality is in the eye of the beholder.

Now a question from my ten-year old son:  Why do they call it gay anyway? Maybe one of you gay folk that read me  can enlighten me a bit.


I used to do alot of quilt piecing, and especially love applique, but it’s been on the backburner for SEVERAL years.  I have been getting the urge to make a quilt for my bedroom as I want to do it (the bedroom) in a blue, white and yellow and I have an idea for a quilt top.  The only place around here to buy fabric is JoAnn’s and boy does the one in Greensburg have a crappy selection.  We used to have several fabric stores here, but they’ve all gone the way of the dodo bird.  I need to find a nice place to get fabric.

Well, I guess I ought to think about what’s for supper.  What’s going on in your part of the world?


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  1. I agree about Idol. LOVED her rendition of the song from the Wiz. It was well done.
    As for quilting, I’ve been on a hiatus from it for two years now. I stopped around the time my grandparents passed away. (I learned a lot about sewing from them.) And the recent trend of “easy” quilting shortcuts and gadgets, geared towards people who shouldn’t be quilting…it’s not the “art” that is had been. it’s become cheap and tacky. I’ll be looking for you to see what you come up with. I could use some inspiration.


  2. There’s a quilt shop on Lincoln Way, here’s the web site, It’s a nice little shop, much better than Joann’s for fabric. I haven’t been there in quite some time, been crocheting rather than quilting.


  3. Thanks for the book. I am running over to the library to see if I can find it.


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