It looks like my house inside a snowglobe and someone has shaken it up!! After our 70ºF weather on Tuesday, the temperature dropped all day yesterday and today it is snowing. Winter is still here. It’s a nice day to stay inside and surf the internets.


For those that like swaps, and getting little surprises in the mail (or possibly BIG ones, depending what you are swapping), today I discovered Swap-Bot ,
it looks like fun. I signed up for a “newbie” swap. Check it out if you like that kind of thing.


Survivor was not on last night due to BASKETBALL!!!! Grr. Anyway I watched E-Vets Interns on On Demand since it wasn’t on.


I do love that show. Grey’s was great last night.

I cracked up at “Cardio God” coming to visit and his “affections” for Christina. I wonder if this is curtains for Burke and Christina. Maybe this is how Burke will get farmed off the show? I haven’t heard anything about him leaving, but this would be a good one to do it. The people on the Grey’s message board on are calling Dr. Colin Marlowe (played by Roger Rees) McCreepy. That is hysterical. Roger Rees is a terrific British comedic actor, who has been in many television programs and movies. He was the Sheriff of Nottingham in MEN IN TIGHTS and on the tv program CHEERS just to name two. And just so you know, he is 62 years old.

I liked the drunk scene with Izzy and George, but am not happy they went to bed together. Callie deserves better. You’d think he’d be happy to find out she was rich.

I liked the dinner party with Merideth and Darek and her father and step-mother. That was kinda cute. Darek was nice. A nice husband-y type. There were a few nice moments between Merideth and her father.

The doctors were certainly acting like fools at the hospital. No wonder the cheif wants to retire….LOL!! Wonder if he can name Bailey chief??

I think there is ANOTHER rerun next week. crap.

Well. I think I ought to go and do something productive, and besides that I need to run to the potty. I know—T.M.I!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m glad you can find something positive about this stinkin snow storm in Pittsburgh!!! I want those 70 temps back!!!! NOW!!!!


  2. McCreepy…..HYSTERICAL!!!! I love that show!


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