I  am looking at an MRI of my spine.  Interesting. Veerrry Interesting. Tomorrow is the appointment at the neurosurgeon.  I am not excited.  I actually am getting more anxious as the day goes on.  Does anyone have any Xanax?

No new knitting books at the bookstore, poop.

Speaking of the latter — the dogs didn’t leave any around the house last night.  I guess making them eat rice all day yesterday did the trick.  Poochie looked at me with this big question mark over her head like “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” when she went to her dish; Jethro ate his after we pretended to give his bowl to Poochie.  He ate it like “UCK UCK UCK , I don’t know what this crap is, but I will eat it so she doesn’t get it”


New episode on Thursday night. They had planned a rerun originally, but since they want a good lead in for OCTOBER ROAD, they decided to run a new one.

I saw the first few minutes of OCTOBER ROAD and then changed it  — I lived unrequited love; I don’t care to watch it on television.


Stars?   Uhm — I don’t know about STARS.  Maybe it should be called CELEBRITY DANCE OFF.

It could not have been more B.O.R.I.N.G. than it was being spread out over two hours. Does Tom Bergeron really need that girl with the microphone with him?  Did you notice the two inch white line over her dress where she didn’t have a tan?  I don’t even know what her name is.

I am sorry, I did not need to see Heather Mills snapping her leg on and off. That kind of gave me the willies.  Like watching the guy in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN put his glass eye in.   I also never realized that she was that ugly.

Joey Fatone was really good; I enjoyed his microphone flying around behind him like a tail.  I am glad it didn’t trip her.

Do these girls really need to be that naked dancing?  I thought ball room dancing was in BALL GOWNS not hoochie-coochie outfits.

Apolo Anton Ono was cute; I liked him in the olympics, so I fully expected to like him here.

John Ratzenberger ended up being pretty good for a big guy.  He’ll be 60 in a couple weeks.  He replaced a guy from the Sopranos, who decided after two weeks it was too hard.

How much do these people get paid to do this??


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amity on March 20, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    Thanks for the info on Grey’s this week. I was so disappointed when I thought it was to be another rerun week…but now I can look forward to Thursday again!

    Have to agree with you on both October Road and Dancing with the Stars…boring is the only word that I could think of too. If anything, it gives me a reason to get some last minute housework done for the day without having to worry about missing a good show…lol.


  2. Posted by Amity on March 20, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    P.S. I pray that your appointment goes well for you tomorrow.


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