grey Monday

Not only is it grey outside, it is always my mood on Mondays.  Feels like rain.  It is supposed to get HOT  outside today.


Amazing Race was good last night.  I still don’t like Charla and her cousin. Why am I having such a terrible time remembering names?? I think there is a good possibility they will be the winners though.  At least they are working hard.  I just don’t like them.

The dhow trip to Tanzania was pretty cool.  The ones that got to go in the daylight were the lucky ones.  What a great day that would have been.  I know it’s reality tv, but I really didn’t need to see Charla barfing over the side of the boat.

I really liked Uchenna and Joyce when they were in the first time, and have not in this one, but last night I liked them –and they acted like they liked each other, which they really haven’t been doing this year. One thing about Uchenna, he seems to really appreciate the opportunities he is receiving to see all of these places.

Who would you like to win?

I worked on Naomi’s scarf while I was watching tv last night.  I love the way it feels.  Apologies to Naomi for taking forever and a day to get it done.  I won’t be signing up for any swaps for scarves anytime soon.

I need to do some stuff around the house here today.

Yesterday Poochie got a trim and I am sure she is feeling better.  She was looking a bit shaggy after the winter.  She also needs a bath. She very badly needs a bath.  If she were one of those dogs that likes the car I would take her to Pet Smart and let them do it; She is PETRIFIED of the car.  It was so cute though, when she was done with her brushing after her haircut, Jethro ran over and sat down to get his hair cut and brushing. Only thing, Jethro has very short hair –he is smooth– so he doesn’t even need brushed!  It was cute though because he got the brush run over him just to make him happy.  That dog really is dumber than a box of rocks.

I mailed a book for PAPERBACK this morning.  I really love that service.  If you aren’t hooked up on it yet, let me know and I will send you an invite.  I get a book credit if you do sign up, but the benefit is you can get dozens of books.  I have received 66 books so far (and I have mailed 54 books).

Well guess I ought to get moving. I took the boy to school this morning, so he could get some homework done before class –we are trying to avoid detention here.

Talk to you soon!!!!


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