Stunned, just stunned.

I could not believe my eyes last night on AMERICAN IDOL when I saw Sanjaya’s ponyhawk. What is this boy thinking?

No doubt who the real singers are in the group. It’s kinda like same old, same old, ya know?

I have been trying to figure out who Chris Richardson reminds me of. Well, last night I figured it out. He looks like my first boyfriend. Except the hair. My first boyfriend was a strawberry blonde, and the hair was longer then. (long- long time ago —(1972!!!!)

Did you watch DANCING WITH THE (cough, cough) STARS? Paulina whatever her name is o-u-t. Her dancing partner did not look like a happy camper. Is she still married to the guy from the group CARS (Ric Ocasek)?? Does anyone who reads this remember the CARS?

Well, I am headed out to lunch with Betsy today!! Yippee! Human interaction!!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Who’s the one who’s married to the Chrissy Hynde from the Pretenders?

    Sanjaya sucks it.


  2. Don and I like the Cars! Ooops my horrible memory I wanted to tell you Heather Betsy and I are meeting Friday for lunch. I would like to see you too! I am just to brainless to remember to send you an email. I will send one with the details I promise!


  3. Oh my God, I totally remember the Cars and my husband asked the same question (are they still married? Who knows..). I am totally liking Ian Z. He is much cuter now than he was back in the day on 90210. And the only reason I even watched the Olymipics was to see Apollo Anton Ono……


  4. Of course I remember the Cars-I had all their albums (remember those things????). Heck, I saw em in concert in high school and they were huge when I was in high school. I forgot Ric Ocasek was even married to her……Sanjaya sucks big time, but then again, I’m not in his fan age range, 10-13 year olds.


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