Yo’s and Woes


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So, I switched from Blogger and lost a bunch of readers because I wasn’t getting my comments and couldn’t upload pictures, and half the time Blogger was down — so here I am at WordPress, which I have been relatively happy with until this week. Now I know I don’t have any of my originals from my blogger or my original wordpress anymore and I live with it, but losing two posts in two days is a bit much. I guess when you want something for FREE that’s what you get. I was using MSN for a day or so because of access problems..I don’t know WTF was going on there, and we all know that MSN has gremlins…maybe the gremlins got them.

So here I am….FRIDAY…

I just came back from a trip to Panera with the girlz — Betsy, Donna , and Heather. It was nice to see everyone. We all were knitting and eating soup (not at the same time…) I had French Onion. Really good by the way.

Tonite I am meeting Yvonne and we are going to see the Yarn Harlot. That will be a good time. Nothing like a wild set of knitter’s to make Pittsburgh alive on a friday night. Too bad there aren’t fireworks or something!!!!


I am disappointed that Chris Sligh got eliminated, while Sanjaya is still there. I think Simon is going to stroke out worrying that all his money is going to go down the drain if Sanjaya wins. I read today that Chris was going to quit when he made the top 10; he didn’t want to win, he just wanted to get in the summer IDOL tour. Yeah!  Chris, liar liar pants on fire!!!


Is anyone watching it this season? It was pretty good last night. I like Bok Choy or whatever the old chinese guys name is….. I loved when he said “OOOhhh BIG BLACK MAN MY ALLY!!!” hee hee. And I am so glad that the annoying pain in the behind Rocky got eliminated. He should have been gone last week! With apologies to any oriental readers — I did look up his name — it’s ChowMein… no, sorry…I am losing it.. It is YaoMan. I am lovin’ Yao Man, I want him to WIN!!!!

I will post again to tell you about the WONDERFUL WONDERFUL time Yvonne and I had at the HARLOT bash!


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  1. I love that Yeoman made the fake Immunity Idol-how damn clever. Rocky…grrrr, so glad he is freaking gone!


  2. Hey Cheryl, when I moved from blogger to WordPress iimposted all my blogger posts over here. Can’t you do that? And i left a final post on my blogger site directing readers over to my new one so i wouldn’t lose any readers.
    I’ve been here for over eight months now and have never had any trouble with losing posts. iused to write them all in Word and paste them in but now I just do it straight into the blog.
    Ididn’t realise that WordPress was having problems. maybe I’d better go back to writing off line to be safe. Thanks for the warning.


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