Well,I am still not up to too much, anything really. I had a good day yesterday, felt fairly well, wonderful friend, Betsy, brought me lunch, another wonderful friend, Teresa, brought us dinner.  I even stayed up all day.. no pain meds. My brain is not working well enough to knit or anything. I am lucky to know what day it is.
Now today..I am kinda crappy… went to lay down a little while after the school bus left but didn’t sleep.  Didn’t sleep much last night either.  Between pain, acid reflux and bizarre dreams, it’s no wonder.

I dreamt that some one was distributing a photo of me on the internet and over fax machines, unconscious and wearing a bikini made from yellow marshmallow peeps.   OHHHHHHKK!  No, don’t try picturing it.  It’s disgusting.  I am built like a peep, so you can tell it’s not a great image to think about.  Funny though.  I guess I better quit the vicodin…fast.


I liked Blake last night and I liked Chris., they are both major cuties in my book.  Jordan was as always adorable. Sanjaya was, well, Sanjaya, hated his haircut.  Hated Simon’s hair too..he looked like one of those bingo markers with a big greyish pad on the top of his head.  The males in this house like HALEY!! Gee, wonder WHY!!!  I am tired of Lakisha’s boobs.


Didn’t see the show or the  elimination, so you’ll have to update me on this one.  In the previews Joey and Apolo looked faboo…..(that’s my new vicodin and other pain medication induced word).


This week is SORT OF a repeat. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka Denny Duquette)(oh yeah-picture dancing marshmallow peep here)) is hosting a recap of the events, seen and unseen, from this season SO far.   I think I’ll skip it.  What they should be showing is a RECAP of ISAIAH WASHINGTON being FIRED!~!!!  (No, I am not bitter)I just figure, they (ahem) suspended IMUS — and he’ll probably get the boot. Our man, Isaiah deserves the same treatment — I guess if he’d have called TR Knight a “nappy headed man-ho” he’d get the boot too.  WRONG!!! Discrimination only goes one way in case you didn’t know.  All you lovely gay friends of mine just have to take it, because it’s not discrimination when it’s you.

Speaking of IMUS. I never heard the man, and hadn’t seen the man until they showed pictures of him!!! GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!! Is that  Ebenezer’s old friend, Jacob Marley???!!! Back to life!!! and doing radio????!!!! (for those who don’t know who Jacob Marley is — put down the mouse, the remote, the ipod and go to the LIBRARY and get the book A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens– read it!! then rent the movie —not the new stupid ones with Mickey Mouse or McDuck in it!!! The George C. Scott one isn’t bad)

You know I found out something in the hospital that I didn’t know. I like TAPIOCA pudding!  seriously.  I would never eat it my whole life and I liked it!!  Loved it really –it was KOZY SHACK brand — and I even enjoyed all the little fish eyes in it!!  I felt like I was on Fear Factor.]

Of course it took me until I was 34 years old before I ate pizza, so you can’t really call me the “foodie”


The good news is TIM GUNN has signed for this year.  Plus BRAVO (aka N B C) is giving him HIS OWN SHOW!! Kudos my man, Kudos!! This will be one peep that will be tuning in to see Tim “Make it Work!

The sad news is that our girl, the lovely and talented, ANNIE MODESITT was not given the op to be on the show. That would have been fun, not only knowing someone on the show, but watching her take down the Jefwee’s of the fashion world.


well Uchenna and Joyce are dunzo.  I am wanting the cha-cha boys to win it.

Well I am going, this is certainly a testament to why people who are hyped on vicodin shouldn’t be left at home alone with internet access….

Hope you all are having a great day.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Glad to hear that you are on the mend!


  2. Nice to see you’re on the road to recovery .

    A bikini of yellow marshmallow peeps (roflmao) I almost peed my pants ! Drug induced dreams are always so unpredictable.

    Kozy Shack makes good rice pudding, wouldn’t know about the tapioca. I don’t like tapioca, it’s like your eating little boogers covered in pudding.


  3. hehe marshmallow peeps! Sorry I did’nt call you back. Ironically my back has been giving me sooooo much grief this week. Uugghh!


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