apologies all around

sorry folks, a spam generator got in my mail box today and sent every single individual, group, and business that was in there an email that said YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED!  I know it is too late for some of you.. don’t sign up for it and if you can unsubscribe do so.  And please please accept my apology –it was sheerly out of my control– I’ve had groups drop me because of it.  I don’t want to lose my friends too!!!


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  1. I received 3 emails about it, started to sign up, but then they wanted my gmail password and stopped-they still signed me up, but I just unsubscribed. No biggie.


  2. Oh, thanks for the heads up…I did see it in my email but didn’t have time to check it out…I’ll just delete it.


  3. I kinda thought that’s what happened, I got a bunch of emails for it. Those #%*&, don’t you hate it when stuff like that happens.

    Did you get your staples out ?


  4. I got two, but when I tried to sign up, I guess because I didn’t fill it out in full, and it kept asking me for a different password to add that had 6 letters. Well, all the stuff I kept typing in had more. Then I came up with something with 6, and it wouldn’t accept, so I guess it didn’t work. Hey, maybe this Vista security thing really IS working. I’ll still run a virus/spam check thingy.


  5. I got it a couple of times, but I was never able to figure out what it actually was so I never clicked anything. Sounds like I saved myself a hassle by being lazy! 🙂


  6. I’m glad I read THEIR policy that they’ll send you spam if you sign up. I really hate these things that try and harvest info or try to sell you stuff. Does anyone REALLY go for the offers like the enlargers, etc???
    Glad you got it worked out. No harm done.


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