I haven’t been around too much.

I hope everyone is well!

I am SLOWLY recovering from my disc surgery.  Pain Pain Pain.  I am in alot of pain, at night especially, I think because of the stress of the day.  I am doing better.

I haven’t been doing a whole lot.  Betsy has been toting me around, and Liz has taken me some places as well.  

AMERICAN IDOL pulled a fast one on us this week.  Next week they will get rid of two.  I think the two will be CHRIS and LAKISHA. I enjoyed the “Idol gives back”, especially the “duet” between Celine and Elvis.

AMAZING RACE was interesting.  Sometimes I enjoy the show just to see the places they go.  I like the Cha-Cha’s and were sorry they came in last.

SURVIVOR  was fun. I am glad they got rid of that scumbag Mookie.  It’s pretty funny that Alex thinks he is still in control.  I do like Yao and hope he wins…

GREY’S ANATOMY, wow two weeks and two new shows.   As I understand it, TR Knight, Isaiah Washington, Kate Walsh and Eric Dane are leaving.  I actually felt sorry for Mark Sloane when he told Addy – “once a man ho always a man ho”.  He does a good broken heart.  The Penis fish stor y was a bit odd.  LOL.

DANCING WITH THE STARS has been really good.  Apolo Anton Ono and Julianne are just adorable together and Joey and his partner make me laugh.  I was glad that Heather Mills got eliminated, she did a good job though during the show, but someone had to be eliminated.

Well that’s my tv review for the week.  Now it’s just getting ready for MSWF!!


2 responses to this post.


    I can’t wait!!!!!


  2. duh duh duh duh DA DAH! Ok me being silly singing because MDSW is sooooo close. Can not wait to see you and buy yarn and hang out and oh it will be sooooo fun. Oooh yeah hope to see you tomorrow too!


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