Just Kick me

I deserve it.

I went to MSW yesterday (friday) had a terrific drive down and a lurvely evening; then the setback came.  I was going to bed and felt something dripping. DAMN! it was my back! My incision started leaking.  It hasn’t done that for 18 days.  Well if you know how miserable that is…it is like chinese torture dripping from the middle of my back.  The incision area was very very irritated. So after being up all night and bearing with excruciating, burning pain and drip…drip….drip…..at 4:30 AM, I called home and asked the old hubby to call off work and drive down and get me. I am so mad at myself.

So just kick me, I deserve it.


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  1. Agh, that really sucks! It’s not infected, is it? At least you had fun on Friday… And NO, you don’ t deserve it. So there.


  2. Oh Cheryl!!! How awful! I hope you are feeling better and that it hasn’t gotten worse!


  3. You don’t derserve to be kicked! What a bummer-I hope they can butterfly it.


  4. Don’t be mad at yourself, at least you had a good time on Friday. I hope your back is feeling better. Did you call the doctor?


  5. That must have been frightening to go through alone, so far from home. I hope you’re doing better now.


  6. What a bummer ! I hope it’s okay.

    Have you been to this yet http://www.sheepandfiber.com ? Maybe you can make it there insteadl


  7. Hi honey! I got the call from Yvonne. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it! Even when I tried to find Yvonne and the rest, I couldn’t. 😦 So I missed all of you. It was a rough weekend for you even more so, but after being around sheep and being at a house full of animal hair/dander and of course the pollen, I am really sick from my allergies. I’m drugged up, but very little is helping. Imagine driving home last night with my sinuses feeling like they were ready to explode, and being sleep deprived due to the allergies, I was almost falling asleep at the wheel! But I’m home safe. Went to bed about a half hour after Drew and I was OUT.

    We’ll catch up another time! Don’t worry!


  8. Holy Moly! I’m getting caught up with my blog reading today. I didn’t know you had surgery. I’m sorry to hear you had to go through that. I hope you’ll be good as new soon!


  9. We missed having you with us sooooo much!!!

    But now… we can look forward to NEXT YEAR!!!!!


  10. Rhinebeck, anybody?? 🙂


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