Friday Friday Friday

Well, here it is nearly a week later.  I have enjoyed reading peoples accounts of their sojourn to Sheep and Wool and here I am at home, still kicking myself.

Not much going on –I crocheted a dishcloth for a dishcloth exchange, but that’s all.  I also read a book: A MOLD FOR MURDER by Tim Myers.

Show updates, many of them are finishing up or entering the home stretch for the season:


Dunzo.  The finale was sunday. Only an hour.  They should have made it two, just for the heck of it.  ERIC and DANIELLE won. At least we know she won’t be spending her money on boobs.  I didn’t particularly care for them, so I wasn’t thrilled to death.  Of course I wasn’t particularly thrilled with anyone, so it really didn’t matter who won.  I love seeing the participants all lined up at the end, clapping, cheering, with their fake smiles.


I am really loving this show.  BILLY RAY went home this week.  I felt bad for him this week as he was really visibly hurt and TICKED off by the judge’s comments.  The judges have been very harsh.  I would like to see APOLO and JULIANNE win.


It wasn’t one of the better shows this week.  I don’t think they really pulled off the BEE GEEs stuff.  I personally LOVE the BEEGEES and especially Barry Gibb.  Man he is showing his age, both physically and vocally.  I understand that when he went off the stage after singing he took a good fall.  Nothing broken thankfully.  I wasn’t surprised to see LAKISHA go home.  I love Melinda but it won’t surprise me to see Jordan and Blake as the final two. We shall see.


Ok, it was an odd one tonite.  What the heck is going on with Derek?  I still am tired of Izzie.. now she is in love with George??? Ok. Wonder if something is going to happen with Alex and Rebecca (Eva)… I liked Mark Sloane’s line “friends with benefits???” Oh Glory, you’d think they were in their 20’s.  I think Adele and Richard should have had it out before she was collapsing and apparently having a miscarraige.  If Adele really didn’t want to see Richard, why didn’t she go to Mercy West instead of Seattle Grace.  Is it fair that they let Meredith take her test solo?  I was hoping that Richard would confess that he was her father.  I really have come to hate THATCHER.  I hope that Shonda doesn’t put too much more into that character.  I can feel ADDY’s pain with the infertility thing; it does seem like you are surrounded by pregnant people when you can’t get pregnant.  I thought that Izzie would get pregnant.


I am loving Yao-man.  I do hope it’s down to him and Earl in the end.  Even if it was for a deal that was really generous of Yao to give the truck to Dreamz.   I didn’t get that.   You see the loyalty right? Yao is playing well.  He has a chess players mind –thinking ahead to the next move.  Get rid of Cassandra next, she is just coasting.

So that has been my life… television…

what a sad thing that is.

On the Agenda for today? Well I will be watching for the President’s helicopter flying over. We are in the flight path from the airport and he is flying in to go to Latrobe to speak at St.Vincent’s commencement.  I think he is flying into Greater Pitt.  I don’t think Latrobe could handle Air Force One. I would love to see Jethro barking and chasing it as it flys over.

I have so many things to knit and/or crochet.  I just haven’t been up to it lately. Too tired. I know this is supposed to be a knit/crochet blog.  You know all the fun was taken out of it for me when I had to delete OUT OF THE BOX.  It’s hard to motivate me now.

Have a good weekend folks!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. You know what’s interesting about Eric and Danielle winning? I read an interview with them on one of the reality tv news websites and they aren’t even together anymore. I don’t think I’d be able to put up with him. I didn’t care who won as long as it wasn’t Mirna.

    LOVE Yau-man, I was so hoping that he would play the immunity idol last night. Nice to see it actually work for once, usually whoever has it never needs to use it. Cassandra has irritated me for a while now, and what was up with that comment last week that someone was “playing to win,” shouldn’t that be the goal? Does she really think that someone came on the show for a free vacation in Fiji?


  2. This is the first season of Survivor that I haven’t gotten into at all… Basically because of school being Thursday nights this semester… Whose idea was THAT?


  3. Posted by Kathy on May 13, 2007 at 11:59 pm

    Yauman lost BOOHOO but so did Dreamz the scum sucking liar. If he had won I would have walked to them and smacked him. Yauman took it with so much grace. I am glad Earl won though.


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