Well, here it is the twentieth of JULY already!

I haven’t been much of a prolific writer this year, I know.  I had the fun taken out of it when I gave up OUT OF THE BOX.  I wish I could get back into that groove again.  Hopefully, when and if I EVER GET THE NEW COMPUTER, the blog can get back to normal.  Right now I can’t do much with this one that I am using, other than get email and jazz.

I’ve been going over to Ravelry and messing around over there a bit.

I’ll be on vacation from tomorrow through next Friday. I will be taking knitting to do while I am gone…despite the fact we are going to a beach.  Suntan lotion and sand and knitting don’t always accommodate one another.  But there is alot of down time where I am not in the sand, so hopefully I’ll be able to do something. On the knitting front.  I did finish the shoulder shawl I was making with the Fiesta Rayon Boucle.  Very pretty.

Well, I am out of here today.  I have packing to do!!!

I will miss YOU!!! (and YOU know who you are!!!!)



3 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll miss you too! We need to see pics of that Fiesta shoulder shawl!


  2. hey, we’ll miss you! (I haven’t heard much from you at all lately!) Where are you going? Which beach? If it was Jersey Shore, then I’d be having to make sure you’d be meeting up with me! 😀


  3. Can’t wait to see you back but hope you’re having an awesome time!!!


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