Beach tide-ings

We’ve been home for a week from Virginia Beach.

I have been getting the new computer up and running so I am FINALLY getting the chance to do the pictures from vacation and posting about vacation.
We had a really nice time. I vegged on the beach for a few days, reading and watching my son loving the waves. Everytime a wave hit him he had this big grin on his face.
Here is mom and son relaxing on the beach. (this is the only picture of me–I am the cameraholder)

The water was really rough.. the first day the lifeguards were blowing whistles like crazy and had 27 rescues.

He did some sun time too.

No pictures of the hub…he wouldn’t appreciate it.

The Naval Air Station Oceana is very close and every 15 minutes or so a couple F-15’s take off and fly over the beach. Boy is that LOUD!! The stores even sell bumper stickers that say “I (picture of heart) Jet Noise!” I am telling you, it about blasts your ears off.

I did find this interesting:

and was thrilled to death that I got to see some dolphin swimming and frolicking in the sea. I had only seen them at SEA WORLD before. It was impossible to get photos of them with my Kodak camera, but I have the memory of seeing them.

I, of course, was looking for eye candy on the beach, and found it very lacking. I did see a couple:

but mostly saw this:

or this:

We visited the Virginia Aquarium

and saw several of these:

and lots of other swimming creatures.

I loved the rays, they are so friendly they seem like they’d make nice pets.

While there we watched the IMAX movie DEEP SEA (narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet). That was fun. The husband slept through it. LOL!!

We did alot of walking (the husband thinks it was nothing because he walks miles a day at work). We needed to walk after going to POCHOHONTA’s PANCAKES. The food was very expensive. We started going out of the beach area to eat dinner and it was more reasonable.

All in all VA Beach is a very family friendly place — they have signs up that it is a no @#&*#! zone. (No swearing zone). And pretty much folks kept to it. I only heard a couple people cussing.

We stayed at the Best Western Oceanfront (formerly the Colonial Inn) — it was adequate. We swam in the pool a few times (had an indoor and outdoor pool, which was nice). Lousy cable though. And I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that we had the LOUDEST people on the east coast in the next room. They stood or sat on their lawn chairs on this little walkway past the rooms and just talked like they were at a rock concert or something. Yikes!!

We got out while the getting was good. The weather was good all week… hot but not unbearable, no rain…. the day we left it was going to be hot and humid and get REALLY hot and humid for the weekend.

My knitting bag went for a nice ride down and back in the car and spent time in the room, while we were out. The stuff never left the bag. Oh well. I did get three books read.

So I bid you adieu for today. Hope you had a nice vacation too…I know we did! But it’s always good to be home. Home to my dogs, and my friends and, naturally, my new computer.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like you had a great, great, great time!!! Love all the pictures!

    I can’t wait to see you soon!


  2. Welcome home!! You were missed. πŸ™‚


  3. Great pictures, nice to have youback. It looks like youhad a great time. Cheers, Andy


  4. Your vacation pics are great. If I were there, I’d be in a chair under an umbrella right next to you. Your eye candy pics remind me of my Arsewatch series. Too funny.


  5. I wrote a whole response, and somehow it got lost! GRRRR. Oh well. Glad to see you back, and hope to see more of you (online, that is) soon. I miss VB, so it was cool to hear the stories of where you went and stuff. I remember Pocahantus Pancakes too. I still have a placemat from there too, as we used to call our guest room the “Pocohantus Suite” as my best girlfriend’s ancestor was Pocohantus, and she was our first guest. πŸ˜€ I remember them being over priced too! We usually ended up driving over the bridge a bit and getting a lot of Chik-Fil-A, and also making food since we had a kitchenette in our rooms when we stayed. I’m hoping my trip to Myrtle Beach in less than 2 weeks is as good as yours to VB! πŸ™‚


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