School starts tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow morning, if you open your front door or your windows, you will hear the groans of children — the sound of school bus engines –and the collective roar of mother’s cheering.  Yes, it is time for the first day of school.  ALREADY!!

Summer vacation from school just flew by.  It will be a quiet day here at Chez Clutter.  No PS2 and the sounds of Smackdown vs. Raw. No 10 year old boys saying “DUDE” over and over.  No requests for food.  No Sponge Bob Squarepants.

It’s like having a day off.  It’s tempting to go back to bed since the bus goes at 7:30 –an hour earlier than last year.  But there are things to do.. I may even run the vacuum!! LOL!!

My brother came over today to show me a puppy.  THE CUTEST PUPPY I have ever seen (sorry Minou!)  (Sorry Ada!) (Sorry Jethro and Poochie!)  My dad is getting a puppy.  She is a teeny tiny 9 week old  apple head chihuahua… photos will be coming as soon as he actually gets her.  Cookie, our resident guinea pig, is bigger than the puppy.  Right now her name is Cutie Pie –I don’t know what my dad will name her –I suggested Xena — My parents were never exceptionally clever when it came to our pet’s names. There was Tiny (a dog), Ms. Kitty (duh –cat), Ginger (cat)–the closest to clever they ever got was naming their Siamese Cat, Master Po, after the Shaolin Priest on the tv show KUNG FU.  Even I was named after a name they heard on tv.  So an adventure begins at Chez Grampap.

I had a fun time yesterday with Betsy and Heather.  We went to Wheeling Island and played the slots all day.  It was fun. I had the most luck on the 5 cent machines — I won and lost –up and down– and ended up going home with seriously ONE CENT in my purse.  LOL!!!  I don’t seem to have the gambling gene, so I will probably not go for a while, but I had a ball and I would go back again.  Thanks to Betsy for inviting me!!

Well hopefully I will get some pictures on here before long.  Life SHOULD be getting back to normal now –if that is a state that is achievable  here at Chez Clutter.


4 responses to this post.

  1. You know what’s sad? On any given day, you could hear Spongebob at our house and we don’t even HAVE kids.


  2. School, I miss school, it was lots of fun.


  3. I’m with Jenn. I love SpongeBob.


  4. Love your new layout!

    I listened but couldn’t hear the screams of joy over the sounds of the children 🙂

    Another childless vote for SpongeBob here too though!


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