Hey there! It’s the end of yet another week. Not much new going on. The boy missed two days of school this week due to a horrendous cold, and I thought he was passing it on to me, but it seems that I have escaped with a “slightly” runny nose….hope that is where that stays.

Yeah, Yeah, I know that I changed this again.  I loved the other one, but it just depressed me a little….

I told you that my dad got a puppy. Here is her photo:

This is Miss Poco.

She is finally settling into life at dad’s. She had her vet appointment and weighed a hefty 1.8# Everyone that sees her about goes crazy, she is so cute and tiny. So far her favorite toy is a grape. Yes, a GRAPE! Dad said she throws it around and chases it and then stops to suck the juice out of it. She is a friendly little pup and isn’t the yappy, snotty little dog alot of people expect out of a chihuahua. Of course she was hand fed with a bottle since birth, when her mother rejected her and her sister. She was born in a home and not a puppy mill. (Yes, I know there are lovely shelter dogs and I have 2 of them–but this happened to be a friend of my brother’s and he got the dog for dad)

In other things:

On September 23rd, Pat Catan’s is having a “Scrappin’ with the Cat! After Hours Scrapbook Event”. If you are so inclined sign up to go. They are taking 150 reservations.

Also at PAT CATAN’S – Pat Catan’s is sponsoring a program until the end of September to knit or crochet “camo” scarves for the troops overseas. They will provide you with the yarn. You sign up, they give you the yarn (which is BERNAT CAMOFLAUGE) and when you return the scarf, they will give you another yarn. I just found out about it yesterday, but I figure I can crank out at least ONE scarf in the next THREE WEEKS.

I am anticipating the new television season. For those that care, PROJECT RUNWAY isn’t going to be on until NOVEMBER. I am looking forward to SURVIVOR:CHINA, GREY’S ANATOMY and it’s spin-off PRIVATE PRACTICE, and GHOST HUNTERS.

Thank you to my bff, Yvonne, for naming me a ROCKIN’ GIRL BLOGGER!

I am in distinquished company!!

And I would like to nominate the following folks as fellow ROCKIN’ GIRL BLOGGERS!





Well, I am off to the excitement that usually insues here at CHEZ CLUTTER. Have a good weekend! It’s pouring down rain here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, I like the new template! And oh my gosh, that is one adorable puppy!


  2. Wow,, I am a rockin girl blogger..THATS AWESOME..When I get home I will further investigate this Rockin Girl Blogger *lol*


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