Wednesday words


I just saw this link on Ravelry for  “republicrafts” and “democrafts”.  I do love some peoples senses of humor, don’t you?  lol!!!!

Are you on Ravelry yet? if you aren’t signed up yet get your name on the waiting list, your invitation will come! (I am btpsmom there.)  Knitters and Crocheters are on the list!!

One thing I have discovered by doing my stash on on Ravelry is that I have way waay waaay too much of it. (if that is at all possible) I am not even done yet and I am up to 55 different listings. And I have a bunch still waiting to be photographed and posted. Ohhh K.  I have some ‘earmarked’ for different things or another, but if you would be interested in any that I have, you are welcome to make me an offer for it.  Same with the books.

What have I been up to?  I have been working on a hat to go with the birthday scarf.  I stalled on it for a day or two to work on a scarf for the Soldier’s Scarf collection at Pat Catan’s that I mentioned the other day.  Well, let me tell you—-one day when I was out or one night while asleep, two certain animals in this house  (and I don’t mean Dave and Brian) got themselves in a little trouble….. I had Bernat Camoflauge yarn strewn from one end of the living room to the other and into the dining room.  It looks like the ball became the toy and untangled as it was carried back and forth.. So I have a camoflauge spaghetti mess to untangle.  FUN FUN.  I may make a stop if I have time to just pick up another skein of the yarn….. and pitch the original….it is really a major pain in the behindus to untangle it.

Have fun and let me know you’ve been here!!!!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Um, yeah, I’m definitely in denial about the amount of yarn I have in the stash. There’s a whole storage bin of it I haven’t even begun cataloguing; I’m afraid to see just how much I have.


  2. I am so looking forward to being a part of Ravelry…Ü As for the ball of yarn, I HATE untangling…. Cuz by the time I am done and it is neatly balled again I don’t want to see it for a LONG time…hehe


  3. Hi Cheryl! I just checked your stash on ravelry. Nice especially the Lisa Souza yarn. Is it a fave or might you want to part with it? Hehe! As far as stashing goes I have enough sock yarn to knit 62 pair of socks here. Plus all my lace and other yarns! Yikes!


  4. I’m just still soooo jealous I have like four thousand people ahead of me on the ravelry list..*sigh sigh sigh*


  5. I went through the same “What do you MEAN I have this much yarn?!?” moment while posting my stash for Ravelry. Ah well, maybe that reality check will help keep me in the general vicinity of my yarn diet.


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