Poor old eyes…

How can you tell you are getting old? When the print is too small on your own blog for you to see it??? So SORRY I changed it again. I think this one is a little easier to read. I can’t change the print to a larger font with out paying on WordPress, I think that really sucks canal water. You have to upgrade your blog to another level… 😦

The weather is just gorgeous here this week. We are getting SO SPOILED! When it gets cold and grey we will be MISERABLE!!!

I did alot of running around today… to Greensburg, to Mt. Pleasant, to Irwin….. I wish I could get it all done in one day.  In Mount Pleasant I went to the Rite Aid as they have Maxwell House Coffee for $5.99 and my dad wanted a can…well if you go by the lady that works the register, the town should be called Mount Crabby Old Bitch.  Yowser!! That old biddie must have been having a bad day and she took it out on me!  She couldn’t blame it on either PMS or Menopause…… maybe she missed the bus to the old folk’s home or something.

Poochie went to the vets and she is 97 lbs. This is the girl they told us would be 55 lbs full grown.. yeah.. uh.. right….

I joined the YARN PIRATE BOOTY CLUB . Yarn Pirate yarn is just gorgeous stuff and I can’t wait to get my first package!!!

Speaking of PIRATES! Tom-aaarr-row is National Talk like a Pirate Day! Don’t forget to wear your aaarr-gyle socks! (I know, I am booing myself)

There is OPEN HOUSE tonite at the school… big fun!!

I have been knitting and have two finished objects… I also need to download the photos.. of a hat and scarf that are a birthday gift.

Have a good one and let me know you were here! (Or you may have to walk the plank matey!!)


3 responses to this post.

  1. If you can make your font black it may work better. I like my black blog with white fonts lol! Is always a pleasure to read your blog.


  2. I was here!


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