Hi there! I know, it’s been awhile. What have I been up to? Not a whole heck of a lot actually. I’ve been knitting on a sock –afterall it is SOCKTOBER–just a regular sock pattern, no fancy stitch– made with yarn I was given by Cheryl Kemp of DIVA KNITTING when she was my secret pal. No photo, but I am almost done with the gusset and on to the foot.

There is no school here Thurs, Fri, and Monday. So the boy is getting a nice little vacation from school. We shopped yesterday and spent his birthday money. He got a bunch of wrestling guys. He turned 11 on Monday. My that time has flown by. We got him a new bicycle and an ANT FARM.

It was storming the other day and here are what my two goofy dogs were doing during the storm:

Yes, that is 162 lbs. of dog crammed into the little space where my legs go under my computer desk. It’s a good picture of their color though. One is spotty and one is stripey. LOL!

My dad asked me to get his puppy, Miss Poco, a sweater because she was shaking like a leaf when he took her out in the morning. And she being all of THREE lbs. was impossible to find a sweater small enough. So I crocheted her one while I watched tv one night.

Here she is posing:

(dad was holding his hat up for her to look at, as she rarely holds still for more than a second at a time)

Here I am holding her up to see the sweater:

And how did I get it to fit?
BEANIE BABY!! My son has a stuffed Siberian Husky by TY that I used as a model.

This was just off the top of my head as I watched tv. I crocheted a bit, then tried it on the stuffed husky, then continued to crochet. It’s Knit Picks WOOL OF THE ANDES yarn that I had in the stash. I added a skirt since she is a girl. (My dad said “is that a skirt???”–and then LAUGHED).

It fit her fine. Now the question is, can dad get it on her while she is wiggling herself all over the place. Dad is 85.

I hope to hear from you all. I have been getting alot of spam lately.


7 responses to this post.

  1. that is adorable! you’re still on my google reader : )


  2. Very cute. However, the one pic makes her look a little green…heehee.


  3. yeah she does look a little green.. I had a green shirt on maybe it was reflecting…or the fact that my dad’s house is always like being in a mole hole with the drapes closed.


  4. Happy Birthday to the boy!
    Ant Farm? Way Cool!!!!!
    (I’ve been wanting one of those… My future classroom will have one for sure!)


  5. My dogs do the same thing when it storms. What great protectors we have 🙂

    The doggie sweater is sooooo cute, of course so is the dog. Hope your Dad can manage to get her dressed (lol)


  6. cute puppies – I just wanna crawl under the desk with them and give them both hugs – it’s awful when your doggies are scared from the storm…. I remember our dog (when I was young) was terrified of thunder and fireworks so I can relate… poor babies!


  7. Hey love the doggy skirt, we have moved to yuku, just wanted to let you know. My dog is too old to get up and hide anymore, unless is a real hard Storm.




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