One down, One to go!

As you know it is SOCKTOBER and I am participating in the Ravelry Group SOCKTOBERFEST

This is sock #1:

It is actually purple not blue as it looks in this photo. It is TREKKING XXL yarn that I received from DIVA KNITTING as a secret pal gift. She got it for me because it had purple in it!! It had been started twice before as two different socks, and both not only did nothing for me, you couldn’t see it’s STRIPEY GOODNESS because of the pattern. I think sometimes with the self striping yarn it is just better to do a simple sock.

I wanted to at least complete ONE pair for SOCKTOBERFEST. LOL! I started sock #1 on October 6th when I met Yvonne and Heather at Panera. So it took me 11 days to complete it. At least there is enough time to finish sock #2. I will cast on for it later today.


7 responses to this post.

  1. I agree with you on the striping sometimes working best on a plain ol’ sock. I’ve started a ton of patterned socks, only to frog them and go find a solid yarn. Looks great!


  2. socktober??! I love Socktober! Looks good.


  3. I love how it came out!


  4. Looks fantastic,pretty calf!


  5. I like it! Even if it’s actually purple, and not blue (although in blue it looks nice too), it came out great.


  6. Trekking rocks! Your socks look great! I just looked at my feet and realized I’m wearing Trekking socks (but a different color)


  7. Love the socks…Maybe I need to make Eric’s socks in Socktober.


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