Friday….Thank god it’s FRIDAY!!

Good Morning!

Yes, I changed the theme again. I like this one. It’s cold this morning and it made me want to change the background of my blog….go figure.

If you wonder where I have been… I mentioned a post ago that I have been going through a med change. Hopefully, I am through the woods on that one. At least I didn’t get the one side effect she mentioned: the feeling of ELECTRICAL CHARGES in my head! Though, I have had them in my fingers, feet and lips….my lips feel like novacaine wearing off…. and most of us know how great that feels!! I just keep saying that it will soon be over.

I have also been spending alot of time on RAVELRY .
I am joining many, many groups (ONLY 67, come on!!) and started two (The Amazing Race and I’ve Got One!). The ones I frequent the most are: COMPLETELY POINTLESS AND ARBITRARY (if you want to have a good time and like goofy, snarky humor, this is the place to be–we have a ball), KNITTING WITH GREY’S ANATOMY, and GHOSTHUNTERS FANS.

What is your favorite Ravelry Group??



Are you watching SURVIVOR?? Do you share the opinion that they couldn’t have picked a more stupid bunch of people? However we are lovin’ James.

Now they are doing an ALL STAR one… they are going back to PALAU for the ALL STARS …

Here is a list of who they’ve pegged for the All stars…

From Survivor 9: Vanuatu: Julie Berry (JEFF’S GIRLFRIEND??) , Eliza Orlins, Ami Cusack .

From Survivor 10: Palau: Katie Gallagher, Ian Rosenberger , Jenn Lyon, Coby Archa
From Survivor 11: Guatemala: Lydia Morales Judd Sergeant IV, Gary Hogeboom (scraping the barrel here)
From Survivor 12: Panama: Terry Dietz(YAY!), Cirie Fields Shane Powers (GOD NO, WASN’T ONCE ENOUGH???!!”)
From Survivor 13: Cook Islands: Ozzy Lusth (YAY!) Parvati Shallow, Jonathan Penner

From Survivor 14: Fiji: Yau-Man Chan (YAY!), Michelle Yi

From Survivor 15: China: Courtney Yates ( how skinny can this chick get??) and James Clement(Does this mean James doesn’t win this season and he is being given another chance??!!!).

Terry, Ozzy, Yau-man, James and Ian– they are worth seeing…. the rest, forget it…..


I am losing interest fast. The best dancer on the show was let go this week (SABRINA). The only REALLY GOOD ONE left is MEL. Samantha Harris needs a new dresser.


Starts SUNDAY!!!


Am loving the idea of Callie and Mark Sloane.  At least Alex told Lexie that he is a dog.  Not liking the wimpiness of McDreamy this season.  Did you notice they have gotten rid of most of the new interns?  With the exception of Lexie, naturally.  My favorite line from last night?   George to Izzie – “Did you shave only one leg??”  The ratings on GA are down (not good)… they are bringing a new Doc in…he is from Dawson’s Creek…I never heard of him.  The feminist in me was cheering YOU GO GIRL to the new Cardio when she flipped on the Chief….boy she really doesn’t like Yang.


It’s getting better each week.  Needs more kissing between Kate Walsh and Tim Daly. Definitely more kissing.  I love Cooper (the pediatrician). The “friend of Addy”–the fertility specialist–is kind of superfluous. Need more of Dell. I like him — sweet kid –and I’d like to see them develop his character more.

Let’s see, that’s about it for today.  Nothing exciting going on today.  My morning has been “mom, I’ve got no clean underwear!” and missing the bus.

So have a good one… knitting next time… and remember it is NORO-vember.  Get the NORO out and get going!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. glad you’re almost done with the med change!


  2. Posted by Dave Daniels on November 2, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    Ditto about the med change. I hope that they got it right for you. Sometimes it is all trial and error, and I hope this is the right one.
    So you got sucked into the black hole that is Ravelry? Ahhh, that might be more the culprit than the meds. (Just kidding!)


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