Rainy days and mondays, always get me down.

Not too bad today, despite the rain.  The fifth grader doesn’t have school, so it’s nice to have the company.  He and I went to BOB EVANS to meet Heather and Betsy for lunch.  He is supposed to be upstairs cleaning his room, if that is what he is actually doing, we shall see.  It was on his TO DO list today.

The reason there is no school today is that it is a STATE HOLIDAY — FIRST DAY OF DEER HUNTING!  I could hear a few shots around day break.

I’ve been knitting on KLARALUND, which is my NORO-VEMBER project… I have the back done and a few inches into the front.  I doubt that it will be finished by FRIDAY, which is the last day of the month already.  It looks really nice though.  Pictures another time, I am too lazy to download them for now.

I read two paperback books in the last several days:  UNDEAD AND UNRETURNABLE by Mary Janice Davidson and CRIME SEEN by Victoria Laurie.   Gonna get through this stack of books eventually.

Other than that.  Life has been pretty much uneventful.  I have to start getting into the CHRISTMAS mode now, which is disturbing.  But I made it through THANKSGIVING, so Christmas is a mere month away.

So let me know how you are!!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ooh, I read all of Mary Janice Davidson’s books and liked them. Is that a new Victoria Laurie Book? How was it?

    edited by CHERYL to say: CRIME SCENE wasn’t as good as KILLER INSIGHT


  2. Ah, hunting season. I remember it well. The ex and I owned property up in Potter County, and we couldn’t go hiking Thanksgiving weekend because of the hunting.
    Glad to hear you’re getting into the Holiday season. Spread some of that cheer up this way.


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