December is upon us.

Well, there is no mistaking the fact that December is upon us and Christmas is on it’s merry way.

Am I ready? Never.

It’s been snowing here for three days. The first two days it all got blown away because it was so freaking windy. Now today it’s that nice, even, fluffy looking snow that accumulates.

I am on sleeve island on the Klaralund. I have about 13 inches of a sleeve done…I am SOOOOO tempted to work on something else but I am determined to get this sweater finished. And right now as cold as it is I wish I had it done so I can wear it. It’s Noro Silk Garden, so it will be nice and cozy.

 Magknits has new stuff for the month.  Cute.  I like the coat.. but that’d be A L O T of knitting baby.

The dogs are vegged out sleeping. How many hours a day do they sleep? We tell them all the time how advantaged they are to be in the warm and dry house and not out in the elements like their “cousin dogs – Phil and Lil”

Well I am going for this morning…need to get a move on… have a good one and let me know you were here!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. It can snow all December just as long as it goes away in January!


  2. I believe you will have two sweaters done by next week! This sweater sounds like top notch with to die for Noro Yarn. Yummy! lol!



  3. it is a relief to know that this crazy whacked spaz of a puppy that I now have will eventually enjoy the naps we take and not need to be nearly suffocated by blankets in order to comply.


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