Twas the saturday before Christmas…..

Twas the saturday before christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except the dogs who wanted outside to bark at the boston terriers that live next door…
the boys are out….the child is getting a haircut and has play practice..then they are going to “the auto parts store, which is code for “we are going Christmas shopping”.

Alone again, naturally…. wonder if that guy did any other songs?

I should go up and wrap christmas presents… why do I procrastinate with everything? Something to think about in the new year…my procrastination.

Had a rough night last night with a sour stomach. Man did it hurt! I know it was because I had those french fries, but they are OH so good….kind of like Kennywood Potato Patch fries.

So after spending time on I think I need to go and do something else this morning.. I could just be on Ravelry all day. 🙂 Especially the CPaAGG. Lots of fun people. A place to escape to.


One response to this post.

  1. Love the winter look of Chez Clutter.
    And I think the men were at the mall. By the look of the hoards, they MUST have been in there someplace. (Yes, even *I* went to the Mall…)
    Have a great Holiday!


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