The Day after

Well, Christmas is over.  The Bman has a buddy here.  Don’t know exactly WHAT they are up to, since they are upstairs…. the kid that is here is always up to something.  The hubbo is out at Home Depot.  I bet it’s packed.
Christmas was very nice. Quiet actually.  I had a nice day — got nice presents –not one knitted related item though– always seems like alot of hoopla for one day as far as I am concerned.  It’s different now that we don’t do Santa. (“He’s done with that Santa crap”) .

The big gift under the tree for the child was a Wii.  He is happy with that.  And he still has a big list of stuff he wants…. I told him “save your money”.

We will visit my MIL later and take her present over.  She always yells at us for getting it for her.  We buy her a roll of postage stamps.

Hope you had a nice day.  We did.  I tried to keep it very low key. Have lots of ham left over.. I am tired of it already!!  I forgot to make the green bean casserole — oh well– have to make it another day just for the heck of it.


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  1. Hey, well, my little one stills believes in Santa (but he’s younger than Bman), he made out pretty well too. He’s got a friend over as well, but I hope he leaves soon. I’m not used to the noise of two little boys, as one drives me nuts already! Wanting to go out, but not feeling that great, and it’s probably mobbed in most places. Glad to hear it was a quiet Xmas for you. It was anything BUT that here!


  2. We have a metric butt-ton of ham leftover too. It’s good, but I have no idea how we’ll manage to to waste most of it. Ham salad, anyone?


  3. My twins got a wii for Christmas.. What is so funny is that we have not had any “Royal Rumble” in the house for the past couple of days. It has been nice. I think this year was the last year to believe in Santa.. Glad to hear that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Ü


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