Well, back to school today, but they started it with a two hour delay, so B got to sleep in!  Dad and I were up at 6.  The bus came at 9:10.  He got up this morning saying “He’d rather fall out of his bunkbed and break his leg, than to go to school”.  Just like me, tell us how you feel bud!  LOL!

We had snow overnight, and it is very cold and a little windy.  No snow for the whole Christmas vacation and snow they day they go back.  Go figure.

I’ve been taking the christmas decorations down and folding laundry this morning.  fun fun.

I guess that is about all for this morning.  I changed my banner yesterday and updated my stuff to 2008. I only read 23 books in 2007; for me, that was a slow year for reading. FIVE of them were last week, while I was vacationing.  Yep, Christmas break for me too.

I’ll be happy when the hubbo goes back to work.  It’s been a month.  Hopefully it won’t be much longer.   He’ll be happy too.  Alot of stuff is getting done though. The bedroom is now painted a lovely ice/sky blue. The laundry gets done — He is a busy busy bee.

 Yvonne reminded me that it is only 5 months to Maryland Sheep and Wool!  WOOT!  (Did you know woot is one of the new words they added to the dictionary this year??)

Nothing else new here –you can usually find me on Ravelry if you’re wondering where I am.

Have a good one!!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Nice winter banner. 🙂
    And, hey, if the hubbo has time, I’ve got a few weeks of laundry, broken hinges on the bathroom vanity doors, broken kitchen light fixture…


  2. Hoo-boy – I forgot all about snow delays. Here we’ve dipped into the forties and people act like they are going to freeze. Such silliness.


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