Now I’ve always been on the warm side, but today I just couldn’t get warmed up. What’s with that???

We went out to look for curtains for our bedroom. What a useless task that was!! Do people not put curtains in their bedrooms anymore??? What kind of curtains do you have??

Watched Celebrity Apprentice. It’s gonna be a vicious season. Hate that Omarosa (hated her the first time around too..I can’t believe Trump brought her back–hate her so much I won’t even link to her). Wow, Marilu Henner looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet. Yowser! And Nadia Comenichi , she was a cute little kid when she was doing the olympics — all we noticed was the size of her boobs! We were loving Gene Simmons, but I think most people from the 1970’s would.  The men (Team Hydra) won the competition, but from the women (Team Empresaria), the playboy bunny got sent home.   Big Mistake for the Donald — he should’ve gotten rid of Omarosa.

Did you see it?  What did you think???

Well it’s bed time here at Chez Clutter — 6 AM comes early.


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  1. Boy, can I relate to your quest for the bedroom curtains. Since July. Currently, I have trashy old cafe curtains from the old place. Yesterday, the catalog from Country Curtains arrived, so there is hope. (I don’t really want to have to make more curtains because finding the fabric is harder than finding ready made curtains!)
    Good luck on your Quest.


  2. We got Martha Stewart curtains from K-mart when we lived in apartment in Punxstawney, when we bought our house, they looked good in the bedroom, so we just kept them.

    I wasn’t going to watch The Apprentice this season, but we watched last night, so I guess we’ll get sucked in again. HATE Omarosa. I was sure the other women were going to throw her under the bus.


  3. Posted by Kathy on January 4, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    I hate Omarosa O not A ha ha. I wish they would have thrown her under the bus and backed up and forth a few times. Maybe that is why they brought her back cause she is such an idiot. Gene Simmons was ok, I am starting to think his “I am it and the greatest ever” is getting old. I think he is funny though and I love his show.
    I have right now no curtains in my bedroom, I am planning on painting that too.


  4. Hehe we just have the curtains that came with the house. Miss you!


  5. Curtains it It depends! lol. We have Roman Shades which I like a lot bettern than curtuains. Curtains are like a wall dress while the Roman Shades are like a Window Dress. Happy New Year !


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