and the horror begins….

So did you watch American Idol last night?  I can’t imagine that some people really think they can sing.  The one guy who got his whole body waxed to wear the Princess Leia outfit was really something –I bet his mama was real proud.  Now the one girl that just broke out in the f-bombs over Simon, they didn’t say she was bad, she just wasn’t for Idol, unless they edited something out the audience didn’t see.  Simon was actually nice to several people.  The guy who sang the song about “stalking” was scary and the guy with the NO SEX ALLOWED song, What a howl!  I guess 29 got through from the Philly stop — now they are going to Texas– you know everything is bigger and better there…

Knitting related… I am ready to do the toe of the Noro sock.. didn’t work on it yesterday or it would be done.  I need to do that today.  I have to go to wrestling practice tonite and that is alot of knitting time, maybe I will get done then.  Then on to sock #2.

I was out to the plumber’s shop(the toilet is broken) and the bank today.  Will be going out later to meet Betsy and Heather for lunch and need to pick up a prescription and go to the postoffice.  Errands, errands.  If gas goes up to $4 a gallon I don’t know how much I will be driving.  I may be only able to afford to go one day a week.

Well hope you are having a fun day.  I have been discovering some fun ETSY shops that people from Ravelry have.  (and so far have resisted purchasing!!!!)  There are some talented folks out there!

Let me know you all were here!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I thought the guy who sang the Moses song was hilarious…the one where Randy and Paula couldn’t stop laughing.


  2. That was one of the wackiest and scariest first shows ever. And the student from Allentown, living in a basement studio with her mom and cats…just as far out there as you can get. Should be a interesting season.


  3. Dang, I can’t believe I missed that show!! Sounds like a hoot!


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