Here we go again ……

Bad news…. we got rear ended today in my van. Down on Rt 30 at the red light in front of Taco Bell.  We were at the light waiting to turn and the lady came up and smacked into us….  The van is a ’99 Dodge Grand Caravan… it would be drivable, but the hatch won’t close.  Hubbo figures it will probably be totaled.  Of course we thought that 13 months ago when it had $4900 worth of damage to it when that guy hit me coming off the turnpike.  Just what we need — car shopping.  So we will see if it will be totalled after I hear from her insurance company.

The good news is we are ok.  I will probably be sore tomorrow as I got jerked around a bit and hit my arm on the door frame.  Have a little bit of a headache and a neckache.  Something new…  😦


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  1. Oh no! If it comes to that: Good luck with the car shopping.

    In the meantime, take it easy! Being banged around takes its toll.


  2. oh my. good luck!!


  3. Hi Cheryl!

    I’m so sorry to hear about the accident, but I have a bit of good news that might brighten your day a little bit – YOU WON MY BLOG CONTEST!!

    I’ll be doing a formal announcement on the blog soon, so email me at so that we can work out the details 🙂


  4. Man, that sucks! I’m just glad you are okay. Cars are replaceable, but you are not. 😉 Well, maybe you should look forward to getting a new car, if that’s what it ends up being. Something new is always fun! And after being banged up that many times, it’d be surprising if the insurance company keeps not “totalling” the car. There’s got to be a point that despite the repairs, that car can’t be as safe to drive as one that hasn’t been damaged. You could be able to get a more safe used car if you look even! (That’s how it was when I bought my Jeep! It’s used, and I love it, and it hadn’t been in any crashes or anything. I think it’d come off a lease or something.)


  5. Posted by Jen on February 18, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about your accident! Good luck getting everything sorted out.


  6. I hope you feel better soon.Hugs Darcy


  7. I hate, hate, hate car problems. It’s so annoying. I’m glad you’re ok. That’s the important thing.


  8. glad to hear you were okay in the accident, and sincerest congratulations on winning Janet’s contest, that is so cool!!!!


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