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They are fixing the van.  The estimate came in barely under what it would be to total it, so it will be fixed.  Next week!  Then it will be like brand new again! …or as new as a 1999 Grand Caravan can be!!  LOL!  It’s pretty dirty too –covered with salt and slush –so it will be clean too!

Thanks for the well wishes.  We all fared well. Even me.  Mrs. aches and pains.  No more aches and pains than I usually have.

Now you want to talk aches and pains!  Disneyland Dad and the boy are going SNOW-TUBING friday night with the boy scouts.

My baby is a BOY SCOUT now.  Cub scouts is in his past (yay!  no more pinewood derby!)

I ordered girl scout cookies –wonder when I will get them.  Those thin mints are just toooooooo tasty.

Tonite is the season finale of GHOST HUNTER’s INTERNATIONAL, if you are a watcher. They are going to Frankenstein’s castle.  I always thought that was a FICTIONAL place.  Hmmmm.

Wasted day today mostly.  I went to the store and that’s about it.  It’s grey and dreary out and I want to sleep.  It’s been snow flurrying all day.  Everyone seems tired of the snow.  It’s pretty to look at though.  Soon I will be complaining about how hot it is…..

Have a good one.  I burnt my tongue on some McDonald’s hot chocolate — wierd feeling.  Talk to you all soon!


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  1. I ordered $28 worth of GS Cookies from Mikey and then another $7 or $14 from my friend Michelle. How bad is that? Fortunately, I’ll be sending some to Mom.


  2. I’m glad to hear the car can be fixed. It’s a pain to have to wait for it, but probably in the end it’s less of a pain than having to go buy a new car.

    Thin Mints, mmmmmm!


  3. Oh well with the car. At least clean is nice! 😉

    And the boy is a Boy Scout now? Well, yeah, that’s about right. And just in time for my baby going to his first Blue and Gold dinner tomorrow night, and getting his TIGER patch! He and the rest of our den have earned their entired Tiger badge already (the other Tiger den in our pack haven’t done so). Our Pinewood Derby is on Saturday, but Drew had no interest in it, which seemed weird to us because he LOVES cars and car racing, but didn’t want to participate. Oh well. Not about to force him. Maybe next year. And oh yeah, can’t get a GS cookie order without the Thin Mints. That’s the only ones I get, and my waistline is paying for it! (I think I scarfed down the two boxes I bought in just a couple days.) We’re expecting our first “big” snowfall tomorrow. I hope it is because I’d like a day off from work, even if I don’t get paid for it.


  4. I am a sucker for any paranormal shows but I have not heard of ghost hunters international. I wonder if we get it in Canada?


  5. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my posts!!

    btw my daughter is in the Franklin Regional school district


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