Flu bug and other stuff…

Well, the infamous flu bug has hit our household.  The Bman has been off school for the last three days and I had to get up at midnite last night and barf my offering to the porcelain gods.  Fun Fun!

The good news is my van is back.  BUD SMAIL AUTO BODY did a fast and efficient and darn good job on the van.  It’s so nice and SHINY!  They even waxed it!  LOL!!    That was fast fast service… The accident was 2/17 and here it is 2/29 and the repairs are done and paid for by the insurance company.  Can’t beat that!

Are you watching American Idol?   They sent home Alaina and Alexandrea (no surprise) and Robbie and Jason Y (again no surprise).  My favorite moment this week was Paula telling the one contestant that “she wanted to squeeze him, pop his head off and dangle him from her rear view mirror!”.  Priceless.

I do believe that SURVIVOR:MICRONESIA  is being played by some of the stupidest people to ever be on the show.  FANS vs FAVORITES has been really laughable.  OZZY is outstanding on the Favorites.  The Fans just can’t seem to get the idea of the whole thing.  WERE THEY FANS OR NOT????  Maybe it is the editing, but do these people not know they have to hunt for food or boil water???  I think they are switching the teams up next week so that the morons don’t starve to death.

I have been working on the BROADRIPPLE SOCKS(from knitty.com)  which are coming along nicely.  I wanted to finish them this month, and I am just on the heel flap, so I have alot of knitting to do if I want to keep to this schedule I’ve put myself on!  LOL!!  I didn’t knit all week though, until last night, so I got a little behind.

Well hope the flu bug doesn’t bite you!!

Talk to you soon!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. My daughter and I are both addicted to American Idol!

    She loves Amanda, I can’t stand her! I love david … can’t remember how to spell his last name, archuleta? and I love Jason Castro and his hair!


  2. Posted by Calvin on March 1, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    I hope that you and your son feel better soon.


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