Yeah I did it again.

I keep changing the blog theme.  Just can’t make up my mind.  I wanted something different…fresh…. but everything is boring -me -half- to- death.  My life is like that. It bores me half to death most of the time. I really waste so much time that it is ridiculous.  And procrastinating!! Good gravy.  I’ve lately been saying “I’ve been going to joing PROCRASTINATOR’S ANONYMOUS, but I just haven’t been able to get around to it.”

This weekend the boys will be going on a camping trip.  So I will be free to do the same thing I do every other single day of my life — NOTHING!!!

Actually I can go to a quilting class Saturday –but I have to get my butt to the fabric store and buy some fabric and get it washed pressed and cut before saturday morning…. plus I have to get the stupid crappo sewing machine to stop looping.. the tension was off when I had to use it the other day…

I sound depressed, huh?  I really am not too bad. Better than I have been in past days.


I still need to do the taxes.  I have a couple more days yet….

I really hate the work schedule that Disneyland Dad is on.  He doesn’t get home until 7 pm (from 5 AM) and then it’s shower, eat dinner and an hour before it’s time to hit the sack.  It’s to be a long job (2 years maybe?) but it’s only going to get worse.  So far he is working 5 days.  He is trying to not do Saturdays as long as he can hold out.. he says it is probable inevitable.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, at least he is working

So much DRAMA going on around RAVELRY.  The Magknits threads alone — come on people —

The biggest thing going on here is that we have been going to a different church… after about 26 years…We’ve been wanting to leave for a while. We’ve been attending another local church and it is very nice –WAY MORE contemporary than what we are used to.  Modern music.  No hymns.  I am not comfortable yet — feeling a little discombobulated right now.  I have felt for a long time that I would rather not go AT ALL.  I guess there are some people feeling a little put out that we left the other church….. time to move on… everything else, it only took us a year and a half to do it after deciding we were going to leave.

No, I didn’t watch IDOL GIVES BACK.  I lost interest in the show totally. No one thrills me and it’s “same old, same old” you know??  I haven’t been watching it or DANCING WITH THE STARS. No one on there interests me either.

Now we watched ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS and it was adorable!  Very cute show.

well nothing exciting going on around here, OBVIOUSLY.
Thanks to Dani, chickee, I think you are the only person reading me anymore!!  LOL!!


7 responses to this post.

  1. I still read you … I just don’t often comment!! I have the kids this weekend or else I’d go to your quilt class w/ you on Saturday. 😛


  2. I’m still reading! I’m just a lazy commenter.


  3. yes I still read you all the time. I just ama lazy commentor!


  4. Was very confused for a minute, then I realized, “ooh, other Dani” [lump me in with the reader/non-commenting crowd.


  5. I read, I read. I’d somehow appreciate some dog burping video/audio.

    I kind of like it when the blog page changes a lot. There’s one I read who changes the word to her heading and the description everytime she posts. It’s a hoot.


  6. Posted by anne marie in philly on April 12, 2008 at 3:26 am

    I am still reading.

    my life is boring too. get up, go to work, come home, be with spouse and cats, knit, read, go to bed, get up…..well, you get the idea.

    I never watch tv. I DO have my baseball games to listen to now (phillies still suck!) I have my stitch-n-bitch group meeting every other wednesday.

    otherwise it’s same old same old.

    I am going to attend franklin’s photo shoot for his book next weekend. I hope to also meet some famous local bloggers (the knitting curmudgeon and queerjoe).

    oh yeah, and barack obama was in MY NEIGHBORHOOD this week. where was I? at work on the other side of town, dammit! if only I had known ahead of time….

    my allergies are in full bloom, along with everything else in my yard.

    but ya know what? when all is said and done, our lives are not “too shabby”, as adam sandler is wont to say. we could be in foreclosure, no heat or light in our house, no food in the pantry, no job.


  7. Ha ha, I was the 7th person to post on this one! I’m like Yvonne, sometimes I read but don’t post, but I do try to check in now and then to see what’s going on with you. So you are getting into quilting too? I’ve been reading about Yvonne returning to that. And sure enough, as I write this on Sunday afternoon, I have a “grownup playdate” (as I explained it to Drew) to go visit my friend “Oceandirt” (aka Sandy), as I’m getting my first sewing machine lesson– and she’s actually a PROFESSIONAL quilter (I mean, she does this for a living and everything, she’s very talented). So I’m excited about that. I’m looking to get to a point where I’m learning how to make simple clothes and home decor stuff, to save a little money here and there. And for creativity’s sake as well. And as for TV– you need to watch more Bravo. There’s a group on Ravelry that I’m on that I swear you’d fit in perfectly called Bravo Whores (because we watch more Bravo than anything else, and we love to tear it apart, much like the PR Gays, but we’re nasty about it. 😉 ) The show Workout starts on Tuesday after the grand finale of the Real Housewives of NYC (oh, THAT show has been picked apart more than the OC show!), and of course, “Top Chef” and “Step It Up and Dance” are getting much commentary as well. 😛


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