Tuesday alone.

Well the boy went to school today. He was just horrendous when he got up yesterday; sore throat, coughing– so I kept him home and took him to the doctor’s to make sure he didn’t have the strep that is going around. (Recently, three kids in our area have actually died suddenly from having strep ). Thankfully he doesn’t have strep. He was however in the midst of a severe allergy attack, for which she recommended ALAVERT. We both used to take ZYRTEC, but the insurance quit paying for it and now with it around $1 a pill over the counter, it is a bit pricey. Kleenex has been alot cheaper. So I am trying the ALAVERT

So he got up and went to school today. I told him “to give it a shot” and he got a big grin –and I said, “DON’T YOU BE GOING TO THE NURSE’S OFFICE NOW, UNLESS YOU ARE REALLY SICK”. So we shall see how the day goes.

I am glad someone is still reading the drivel that I write, I have been doing it so sporadically. Thanks everyone!!

I have gotten into this procrastination cycle. Got to figure out how to shake it.
funny graphs
see more funny

(I love the charts at that site–many of them are very funny.)

My weekend was good, and short.  The boys went to CAMP CONESTOGA for TENDERFOOT CAMP on Saturday and spent the night. They were home Sunday Morning.

Betsy and I hung out for the day on Saturday. Thanks BETSY!!

We went over to BONNIE KNITS to see what was on sale. It’s too bad she is closing, but not surprising.  She used to be the only game in town.  She was the first LYS I ever went to.  but before there was BONNIE’S  in Monroeville and KATHY ZIMMERMANN’s place out in Ligonier and OTTER CREEK up the northern wilds, but that was about it.  Let’s see, now there are Kathy’s, Bonnie’s(which is closing in May), Natural Stitches Knit One, Bloomin’ Yarns, Dyed in the Wool, Ewe can Knit (downtown), Tonidale, one in Canonsburg, one in Oakmont (whose name is eluding me at this moment).  Sort of overkill. Maybe that is not all. I have not been to all of them and maybe there are more! I guess I should be thankful that we do have such an abundance of knitting supplies available.  However, it seems like you are forced to buy something everytime you go in just to keep them going — they all follow you around — I’d rather just have the opportunity to walk around. But that is me, if I need help I will let you know.  Nine times out of ten I know what I am going for before I go. I actually just looked at the yarn and didn’t buy.  I honestly didn’t see anything that was calling my name or saying BUY ME, BUY ME!  Betsy bought some lovely FROG TREE ALPACA, which much to my amusement, her cat literally attacked and was biting, almost instantly from the time she brought it home.

I get my cat fixes from other people’s cats….. I do miss having a cat.

I didn’t go to the quilt class.  There was just too much prep I needed to do and too much to buy.  They have one every month and I have been trying to get there, and have not succeeded yet.  It’s a gal from the Irwin Area Quilt Guild.  She holds this at a church in MANOR once a month (usually the 2nd saturday, I believe).  It only costs $5, which is donated to the church for the use of their facility.  They make some sort of quilt every month, which is pretty cool in my opinion.  I really liked the one this month –it was from the book QUICK TRIP QUILTS by Eleanor Burns.  I did get the book at Joann Etc so I can do one on my own.  To make one in a full/queen size I needed 24 fat quarters (18″ x 22″) of different matching fabrics, or 24 one half yard pieces. I have been picking up fat quarters and remnants in shades of light blues with the intention of making a quilt but I didn’t have 24 of them and really didn’t have time or the money go go and buy more in time to do the prep work that was needed.  I had enough to do a lap sized (which only needed 12 FQ’s) but I wanted it to replace my “blankie” that I sleep under everynight, which is really getting RATTY.

So anyway, back to the weekend. Betsy and I had a nice day together. We were at her house for a while, she was at my house for a while.  And I got a good night’s sleep because there was no snoring.

Well, I guess I have rambled for enough time today.  Take care and talk to you soon!


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  1. Much like your child, I too got out of bed this morning and ventured to school to sub as the elementary librarian… wherein my day, the 5th and 6th grade kids made fun of my voice… LOL. So right after I talk, they snicker… so I say, “are you laughing at my voice? raise your hand if you think I sound funny.” Only one kid had the nerve to raise his hand… so I gave him kudos for being honest and then reminded them all “what if I always sounded like this and couldn’t help it?”… Not such a joke then…

    Ah well, it was a good day but I am soooo glad to be home!

    Super glad that it wasn’t strep for the boy!!!!! Still stinks to be sick! Juice and rest!


  2. I personify that pie chart. It is the source of much self-loathing.

    And yes, I heard a couple young alpacas “talk”. Really, if I had a spare $5k, I would have brought one home with me. They are really enchanting animals.


  3. Umm You’ll probably want to go check my blog now— there is some happy new there for you;)

    PM me on ravelry with your physical address…… AFTER you check mah log;)


  4. I hope your kiddo gets better!
    Wow. Walking into a yarn shop and not buying a thing. Good for you!


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