As I have said before –I REALLY HATE MONDAYS. Rainy mondays are even worse than REGULAR mondays.

It’s also cooler this morning.  In the 40’s. We’ve been having mid-high 70’s.

I need hoomanz today.  All my hoomanz had to go to work.

Boy I sound depressed………

SHEEP AND WOOL IS SATURDAY!!! I have to get up early early and drive to Squirrel Hill and board the bus that is leaving at 6 AM and ride for 4 hours!  or 4-1/2!  They expect us to get there at 10:30!  I hope so since I want to get to the RAVELRY get together and meet some folks from there and get a button and stuff.  Too bad dogs aren’t allowed at the fairgrounds –I’d love to see BOB!

Speaking of BOB –did you see the pictures of Bob and his bling on Ravelry??  How funny is that??

GREY’S ANATOMY finally came back on Thursday night.  I can’t say I was crazy about the episode, although I was happy it was on.  Meredith really needs to get over herself.  Izzy is still acting like an idiot.  It seemed kind of a jumpy story.  Everyone on the forums is hating Rose.  I think she and Derek are cute.  I can’t wait for Addison to come back for her episode or two guesting.  McSteamy was funny complaining about Rose and how he has waited for Derek and feels slighted.  LOL! They are supposed to be getting a new male surgeon too… wonder when that will be.  I haven’t read to see how many episodes they are doing before the season ends, have you?

Well.. that’s about it for today.  Nothing exciting going on here in rainy, chilly western pennsylvania!


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