Gettin ready for the bus trip!!

Countdown to SHEEP AND WOOL!!!!!   In just 4 days I will be sitting on a bus for 4 to 4-1/2 HOURS with 54 other CRAZED FIBER LOVERS!!!! I am making my list:

  1. Messenger bag (ready)
  2. Umbrella (40% chance of rain)
  3. Bottles of Water (ready)
  4. Snacks for bus (it ain’t stoppin’ the whole way there–God hope it has a bathroom!)(1/2 ready)
  5. Visor (for the sun in case it’s out)
  6. Sunscreen (so I don’t get fried)
  7. Tylenol (again a sun related problem–headaches)
  8. Sunglasses (ready)
  9. Camera (and extra batteries) (ready)
  10. Ipod (better charge it, just in case)(it’s a long bus ride) (ready)
  11. Money (ATM machine, HELLO!)(soon to be ready)
  12. Vendor list (copied from MSWF website) (ready)
  13. Cell Phone (charged and ready)
  14. Car Keys (so I can get back in my van after the ride home) (ready)
  15. Knitting Paraphernalia (yet to be decided–probably socks)

Hmm… what else do I need???  Clean underpants?  Emergency Credit Card?  Extra tote bag for purchases??

I wish I could go to the Ravelry party in the evening, but I have to be on the bus by 6 PM, so I will have to make do with the Ravelry meet-up in the afternoon.

Hope I get to see you there!!

Am I looking for anything in particular?  Not really.  Maybe a nostepinne. We shall see.

Not that I am getting excited or anything!!!!!!!


7 responses to this post.

  1. The clean underpants, emergency credit card and extra tote bag are actually not a bad idea. Oh, I wish I was going! It’d be about a 4-5 hour drive, and worth it, except for the gas and having no money to buy anything right now. And it’s a long day to be driving up and back like that in a day (hence, good idea that you are on the bus). Think of me!!! I will try to go next year, and/or we’ll try to meet up at another one, like Rhinebeck or something. I will make it to a wool related thing this year, because I want to do so! Have a good time. If you see any blue/aqua/purple-yarn, think of me. 😉


  2. Posted by anne marie in philly on April 29, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    some of my SnB group members are going to MdSAW. I am not.

    no money. I swear, I have spent my “govt stimulus” 4 times over. so far this year I have needed a new vacuum cleaner (old one was at least 10 years), a new refrigerator (24 years), 4 new tires for my car, and a new computer (10 years).



  3. Posted by Wayne on April 29, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    Sounds like a fun trip. Don’t forget the kitchen sink. I am sure they have bathrooms or it aint gonna be pretty. I will be sitting in the comfort of my front porch doing my cross-stitch saturday while you are passing very close to Wayne country….wave as you go by and maybe I will see you pass by…NOT.

    Have a good time and don’t be too BAAAAAD… I know, I am a KNIT


  4. Have fun in Maryland! This is the first time I’m not going in 4 years. I could SELL yarn right now. I’m not going back until I use some of it! Since my daughter is into knitting now, I’ll take her next year. (Currently she’s 9 months pregnant so I don’t think it would be a very idea right now.)


  5. I am very tempted to go, but have plans for two other fiber festivals in May, plus at least one more in June….. Tagged you for a meme, too! (Will be visiting the parents soon, I think – will bring you cake.)


  6. Are there still seats available on the bus? Maybe my mom and I should ride along…


  7. just checking in to make sure you rec’d your prize..(more big girl knits). should be there by now….


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