Catch up

Well, it is now Saturday and I am finally getting around to posting. I have thought about it all week, but like most things with me, it was a thought and that is as far as it got.

YES TRACY I DID GET THE BEAUTIFUL BOOK AND I ADORE IT!!!!!! I wish I was a fast knitter so I could make them all in record time!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

I haven’t even uploaded the couple pictures from Maryland sheep and wool yet. Not that I haven’t had time. I just haven’t gotten ” around to it”. I remember my mother having a potholder that said ROUND TUIT on it.

Anyway, being the seasoned procrastinator that I am, I haven’t done it yet.

I had a good time on my trip to MSWF. I got to the bus a little after 5:30 AM and we ended up not leaving until about 6:20 AM because someone is late and Stacey (KnitOne’s owner) kindly waited for her. The bus ride was pretty much uneventful –my seat mate snoozed the whole way –and it was nice to stop in Breezewood to get out and stretch my legs a little.

We arrived in Howard County to sit in a long line of traffic of people waiting to get into the parking lot at the Fairgrounds. The bus pulled in and didn’t have to look for parking since there is a designated bus area pretty close to the entrance. That was about 10:45 AM. I got out and was headed to the gate when I spied the line at the port-a-john(s). I decided to go back to the bus and pee there rather than wait in line for the privilege of tinkling in a port-a-john.

I then headed right to the RABBIT building for the Ravelry Meetup. Actually was about the 4th person there –but the crowd swelled while we were waiting for Jess/Casey/Mary-Heather to arrive. Swelled to the point that you could barely move! I spent some time talking to LLAMAMAMA and EMTKNITTER and COSYMAKES while we waited. I saw LICKMYSTICKS but she had run out of earrings that she was giving out, so I missed out on that one… I also saw AUTUMN BREEZE, LOLLYGIRL and running around but didn’t run after them. I saw TINKKNITS up on the main drag, and she bought this unbelievable cool yarn that had FELTED EYEBALLS on it..

Hey I decided to download my pictures while I sit here and write this….

This is the beginning of the crowd at the morning Rav meetup:

Then the arrival of Code Monkey and Mama Rav:

They are STUNNED that people want to see them so much and that this has become such a big thing. I think they are embarrassed when people call them RAV GODS! They are very cute and kinda shy and it was nice to get to meet them!

I then went up to the main drag of the fairgrounds to do some shopping. This was the view at one point… People as far as the eye could see:

I checked out some animals:

Kids feeding Kids

An adorable Cria named JETHRO (our dog is named Jethro)

I think these are cashmere goats (not sure):

A beautiful COTSWOLD. He was such a pretty boy —

And the piece d’resistance

these are ribbon chips with cheese, sourcream and bacon bits.
OH GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!! These were worth the 4 hour ride just to eat them!!!!

Well, I am meeting my friend, Sandie, this morning at Eat N’Park. It will be nice to spend time with an actual hooman after being in this house all week acting depressed and pitiful. I ought to be going. See you soon!

Thanks for motivating me to get the pictures up!!  LOL!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! 🙂


  2. It was wonderful to see you in Maryland!! And those chips! Yummy!!!


  3. There is a guy at work that looks just like that COTSWOLD. Hmmm…wonder if they are related.


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