Wednesday News Report

Mi compadre, Kathy sent me this cartoon:


The Bman is still coughing but he did go to school today (HALLELUJAH FOR SMALL FAVORS!!!) and I have his cold, but DRISTAN COLD is helping remarkably. I actually slept all night (which is the best thing for a cold), only getting up once when it wore off.

School is winding down (10 more days) and he is counting DOWN. FIFTH GRADE will be behind us and on to sixth. That is really a scary thought. He’ll hit the big 1-2 this fall and childhood will be over. They grow up way too fast.

I didn’t get to see GREY’S ANATOMY last week on tv, and I wasn’t worried about it because I figured I’d see it on ABC.COM. Little did I know that it would take me FIVE DAYS before I would get a good stream and get to see it. This week is the finale. Already. Short season because of the writer’s strike. But you can bet they won’t charge any less for the dvd when it comes out.

Other newsy things:


I love stuff like that.

and did you see these?

That is ADORABLE!!! I have heard of wombats before but I never knew they were such cute things. I wish I could have one.

More cute WOMBAT pictures here:


That’s about it for today. I’ve been too sick the last couple days to do any knitting, or reading, or much of anything to speak of. Yesterday at one point I was sitting at the dining room table with two books stacked up and my hands on them, my head resting on my hands, because I would cough if I laid down on the couch and my son thought I was dead. He said “MOM! and I went “(cough) (cough) what honey?” and he says “OH I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD”. I think dead would have felt better than I did yesterday.

Donna, Sorry I missed you and Betsy at Panera last night. I went to bed at 7:15 PM and I wouldn’t have been so much fun.


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