The Democratic nomination process for president of the United States is virtually over.  Looks like the nomination will be going to Barack Obama.

They are talking that Hillary would take the VP position, if asked.  Will Obama ask?

I’ve been holed up at home with no wheels-the Dakota hasn’t been running, so my van has gotten to go on a field trip the last few days and go to work with Disneyland.

The last day of school is Friday.  FIFTH grade. over.  Time flies.

I went out with Betsy today.  She picked me up and we went to Target and then met Heather for lunch at Bob Evans.  BTW, their chicken salad sandwich is pretty good. Not as good as mine, but pretty tasty.  Then Betsy and I came back here to knit for a while, and Heather went on to work.

I am nearly done with the EXPANDABLE STRING BAG.  The knitting part is done. I need to finish the casing and put in the ribbon.

I am also nearly done with the STASHBUSTER FELTED BAG.

I’ve been down a good bit so if you haven’t heard from me or I haven’t posted that is probably why.

Thanks for listening!!! 🙂


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  1. let’s just keep our fingers crossed that he’s able to get elected and is able to follow through with the ideas he has… wouldn’t it be great? we definately need change 🙂


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