Today is the last day of school. My child is finishing up FIFTH grade. It was a good year over all. Once we got past the bully business at the beginning of the year. The year went very fast –I don’t know if it did for him –but it did for me. FOURTH grade was so miserable, the teacher (who in this household is fondly referred to as “the spawn of satan”) made the year horrible, made my son miserable and made mama bear really upset and angry. She nearly ruined my son’s love for learning. This year was better. He is back on track.

Anybody need a 3/4th size Bass? (for sale cheep!!!) Bigfoot is giving it up. I am not going to make him do something he is no longer interested in. I pick my battles, I have enough to worry about. He actually loves making the music, but he refuses to practice. So after 6 months of saying “hey you have strings tomorrow are you gonna practice a while”, he has decided to give it up.

So now my silent days are over. He gets up early and wants to go to bed late (since he doesn’t have to get up for school). He starts talking as soon as his eyes open and doesn’t stop until his body goes to sleep. (wonder where he gets that???!!!!) I love love my child, but sometimes he makes my brain short circuit and my ears hurt.

IT’S COMCASTIC MY BUTT!—-We have Comcast cable because that is what is available in our area. Tuesday (6/3) I get a recorded phone call from them informing me that because we only pay for the basic cable package we are no longer going to receive ON DEMAND as of 6/4 and if we would like to UPGRADE our cable package — to call 1-800-COMCAST. Well that really sucks canal water — To upgrade would cost us approximately an additional $50 a month. Uh sorry…right now it’s going into the gas tank. What is really da shizznit is that 1/2 the time ON DEMAND wasn’t on because of some error in their system. I also read this week that COMCAST is no longer going to offer UNLIMITED INTERNET –you will have to pay for “different tiers” of usage. Well that harkens back to the days where I had AOL at $4.95 an hour. And let me tell you, that cost a fortune. My husband told me to call Comcast and ask them for DIRECT TV’s phone number. He is very subtle.

Speaking of the gas tank — Hubbo is driving approximately 100 miles a day –and he has a 13 year old truck that has 180,000 miles on it. I have been encouraging him to buy another vehicle –but his frugalnality is telling him he doesn’t need another vehicle. This after my being without wheels for a week because the Dakota was out of commission.

Knitting – I still haven’t done the casing on the string bag and I am working on the last several rows of the STASH BUSTING SHOPPER BAG.

I put a finished objects page in the side bar so you can see photos of the TWO WHOLE FINISHED OBJECTS I have done in the last 6 months. Hopefully more will be forthcoming.

Dave at CABIN COVE got a new kitten and it is feeding my need for a kitten. I really want a kitten/cat and can’t have one. I guess I need to take a trip to PETSMART and get a kitty fix. When hubbo got in bed the other night I said, “I really want a cat” and he goes “WHAT! YOU WANT A CAT??” and that was the end of it. Bigfoot is allergic anyway, so I know I can’t have one, but the need doesn’t go away.

GHOSTHUNTERS is running new episodes –THANK CEILING CAT — but the other night was a debaucle. They went to this place in CALIFORNIA called MOSS BEACH DISTILLERY. Well the morons at the distillery had all this fake ghost stuff in their place. I wanted to SMACK the guy from the restaurant.

Well, I am gonna go for this morning… have a good day, a good weekend, and thanks for noticing!!!


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  1. To help the cause of the new car/truck, have the DH fill up his tank, and then the next time he fills up again, see how much gas was put in, and divide it by the miles to see what kind of mileage he’s actually getting for the truck, and then remind him about gas being $4/gal. He might change his mind PDQ. I know with my Jeep, after adding some fuel mileage booster stuff, it did improve, but it’s still something like 15 mpg (non highway). If we had the money, we’d get an updated SUV with better mileage for sure, or even get JC a new car (he has a sports car for commuting, and is willing to trade for a hybrid or something), but you know. But that’s a big thing for us now– if your DH thinks it’s cheaper in a 13 yr old truck, have him do the math first to make him see whether that’s really the case. I’ll bet you that even a 5 year old used truck gets better mileage than his current truck!


  2. Posted by anne marie in philly on June 17, 2008 at 4:08 am

    comcast sucks! around these parts, we can have either comcast or verizon for cable. or directv or dish.

    far as I am concerned, they ALL suck! take your money and give you nothing in return.

    I am still getting 2 weeks of driving from a fill-up at the pump. of course, it costs more, but…I have cut out all unnecessary driving, try not to use the air conditioner unless I have to. I have a 2001 hyundai elantra. gas here at my corner is $4.17.


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